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  • June 19, 2012 10:18 AM
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    No, it isn't hard to setup or maintain a "normal" forum.  The fact of the matter is that, "the powers that be" picked this format to go to and now say it is hard or time consuming to move to another format.  I believe they picked this format for ease of administration, not for quality of user experience.  

    In reality IT should always be the other way around.  The user always comes first. I've volunteered to help with conversion to a better site for WOA.  I believe Jack has as well but Jack and the admins don't seem to be too friendly.  

    In any event, a lot of voices are dissatisfied with the current state of the forum.  Hopefully at some point a conversion will occur to a more likable format that every is used to and DESERVES.  
  • June 19, 2012 6:45 PM
    Reply # 977222 on 950227
    Deleted user

    I liked the old site and really appreciated their effort.  The new site is definitely an improvement.  I don’t know how many members are willing to monitor the site and update it daily, I know I wouldn’t but I’m really glad someone else does.  If I’ve got it right, the two critiques I’ve seen are not being able to access/search the archives and post photos.

    I do think there would be some value to new owners and members to read old posts and Jack should be commended for his time and money on his archive site.   My opinion only, but I think that there is much more value in making a new post on the site.  A new discussion on an old topic would be more informative as things are always changing. It keeps the board alive when there are constant discussions even on a seemingly redundant question.  If anything, we need are more posts from the membership and maybe a little livelier but still courteous discussion of the topics.  I know many West sailors whom monitor the site that never post, but have a wealth of experience and knowledge.    

    I didn’t like the way to post photos at first, I’d just figured out how to post them on the old site. True you need to have a Picasa account but that’s no big deal.  After that it’s much easier than the old board.  If I can figure it out anybody can.

    I rarely go to other sites because of the negative Westsail bias. But when I do I certainly don’t find them any better, just the contrary I don’t think there as good as our site.  We have new media, updates and monitoring virtually on a daily basis. That’s pretty dam good for a small all volunteer organization.  I’m sure there is room for improvement, there is for everything and good criticism would be welcomed.  But if enough of you really think major changes are needed, then take it over and do it yourself. Don’t offer to “help”, that usually means I’ll tell you what to do if you do all the work.   After almost twenty years, I’ve seen some real dedicated volunteers, including the current group.  But the current webmaster is the most dedicated I can remember.  It would be extremely difficult to find someone willing to put in the time and effort he does for free.


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