2016 Southern California Westsail Rendezvous

Boats and owners in attendance were:

Kelmar, K32 #3 Earl & Marta AncelL
Patricia A W28 Mark & Pattie Miller

People in attendance:
Don & Nancy Hughes who are hopefully buying back their W32 after selling it 15yrs. ago.
Steve Carns, Nereus  W32 #101 
Ronald & Vicki Elder,  W32
Kirk Brown, Ostara W32 #592
Charlie Gilman & Beth Gillespie
Terry Shoup, Inalla #197 

The 2016 Southern California Rendezvous was a success, we were light on boats but we had a good time .

We had some more boats lined up to come but last minute break downs.
Terry Shoup had a injector air leak, Ron Elder's injector pump broke. Charlie Gilman was going to bring his W42 up from Ocean Side, but he had to work late so there wasn't enough time.  James Mitchell, Nellie Jo W32 didn't make it (I don't know why). 

The first night we had dinner at the Seal Beach YC , Earl & Marta set that up.

Saturday, we did morning coffee and some eats then it was Bloody Mary's and a skipper's meeting . It was decided that we would just hang out and  talk about our boat's and past adventures,

Earl & Marta had been down in Mexico for 9 yrs. so they had a lot to say.

I told my favorite yarn about a Rendezvous I went to back in the 90's.  We left Long Beach for Dana Point and it was planned that we would raft in circle but it was blowing so hard that we rafted in a line.  I was the last to get there and it was really blowing so everybody on the rafted boats were below deck, I couldn't get anyone to help us raft . My best shot was to raft to a W32 but he had his stern anchor road set at 90 degs to his hull, I was getting tired so I went for it . I almost made it, hulls never touched but my bow pulpit sheared off his Starboard nav, light. 

Now, out pops Bob Knobloch and he is smokin' mad, I calmed him down and then we were best buddies. Later on over the weekend Bob had a USCG inspection done, he didn't pass because he was missing a Starboard navigation light.

Back to the rondy, after the skipper meeting we went over to a place called The Tilted Kilt for lunch, that place is like a Hooters' but with a Irish theme.

After that Kirk Brown set up the Westsail Owners Association  store and we bought all kinds of stuff.

For dinner that night we went to a place called Mimi's Cafe, had a fine dinner and went back to the boats.

That was Saturday night and drive up people were starting to go home. Ron Elder and I hung out on my boat and talked for a time. 

One thing we talked about was the wood shell block construction packets I made up.  Ron is looking into doing some production at his friends machine shop and Kirk Brown wants to sell them through the Westsail store. Back in the 90's when I was producing them, it was a slow sell and a certain situation in the club prevented me from selling to the club. We will see if anything happens this time.

Sunday morning Earl & Marta shoved off and that was the end . 

So that is pretty much it. 

Thanks to all those who attended. 

Mark Mills.