2012 Northern California Rendezvous

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The 2012 Northern California Rendezvous at the San Leandro Marina was well attended by 55+ Westsailors and 11 Westsails.  We also experimented with a old life raft - 28 years past certification and it worked great. 

The San Leandro Yacht Club once again provided and excellent Saturday Dinner for about 60 attendees and Sunday Brunch as well as a friendly welcome and well stocked bar.  SYLC Commodore Norm Pennington introduced us to the use of MMSI numbers, DSC radios with GPS and Rescue 21. With your MMSI and DCS VHF radio the "search" can be removed from Search and Rescue by the Coast Guard.

 We also inflated  an old life raft - 28 years from last inspection!

The Rendezvous was a great success with 11 boats and 50+ owners and friends dropping by.  Most of the boats arrived on Friday night with the reminder arriving on Saturday. 

Thank you to : 

San Leandro YC Commodore Norman Pennington  - host and speaker
San Leandro YC Vice Commodore Helen Smith - event chef

Bud Taplin - Worldcruiser Inc.

Julie Focha – Greeter and raffle sales
Dave King - King Marine
Randy Leasure -  Swag and Raffle organizer
Terry Shoup & Kirk Brown - WOA Store

Pam Bietz - Cookie chef

Elizabeth Ann - Gary Burton and crew John Boye and Lee Parry (Patience W32) for their long round trip voyage from Brookings Oregon to San Leandro, CA and return of over 650 NM. 

Gary writes: 

Hi Jay,

My crew on the way down was John Boye (Havsfidra 25) of Brookings

Oregonand on the return leg Lee Perry (W32 Patience) of Brookings.

The trip down was challenging in that the conditions while rounding Cape Mendocino/Punta Gorda included 12-15 foot waves with an 8 second interval. (This was from the buoy off Mendocino) A mistake I made was having a double reefed main up with no headsails…I knew better but at the time it seemed like the boat was coping ok. We had to hand steer because the sail configuration was pushing the boat instead of pulling.. Eventually after getting pooped a few times and then broaching I realized that I had to get some foresail up and reach across it rather than run direct downwind. Looking at the track later there were quite a few 13 knot recordings…but for very short duration, and immediately after recordings of 2 or 3 knots.


The very steep swell was causing us to surf for short periods then almost come to a standstill. So we gybed, raised the staysail and reached off toward the coast and behind Punta Gorda. The Aries now steered the boat fine and we ended up getting some rest.


There was not a lot of wind, maybe 20 for the most part and 30 for a few hours, it was the swell action that was very uncomfortable. I learned a lot, next time I will have the drop boards in!


The return trip was much like a delivery in that I had to get back to work, so we motorsailed pretty much the whole way except for about 3 or 4 hours off Pt Arena when we had a nice southerly and sailed. After the wind fell off the last night it was glassy smooth. The entire return trip took 56 hours and some minutes.


Was a great excuse to go somewhere with the boat.


Thanks to all that made the event a good time, and thanks a ton to John and Lee for crewing for me.

Vessels and owners/crew in attendance. Please advise if there are issues with this list.

Attending vessel Model Home port / Home Town Owner/Crew
Amable' W32 Stockton, CA Duke & Denise Mac Gill
Antara W42 Oakland, CA Don Russell
Carpe Diem W32 Emeryville,CA Mark & Cindy Cogbill
Darma Bum W32 Half Moon Bay, CA Ben Bobelett
Elizabeth Ann W32 Brookings, OR Gary Burton & John Boye
PELICAN W32 Bodega Bay, CA Doug & Lorena Lamb
Pygmalion W32 Alameda, CA Jay & Pam Bietz
Sosiego W32 Pt. Richmond, CA Joe & Debbie Graham
Sunquest W32 SF Bay area, CA Joshua Siegal & Becky Kondo
TORTUGA W32 San Francisco,CA Randy Leasure & Daniella Machado
Worldwind W32 Stockton, CA Jim & Julie Focha
Vessel in home port Model Home port / Home Town Owner/Crew in attendance
Building from bare hull W42 Vallejo, CA Alan & Ann Carr
Imagine W32 Napa Marina, CA Norm & Kate Rhines
Inalla W32 Wilmington, CA Terry Shoup
Mandala W32 Mantica, CA Dave & Audrey Brown
Oceana W32 South San Francisco,CA Thom & Annette King
Ostara W32 San Diego, CA Kirk Brown
Saraband W32 Portland, OR Dave King & Ruth Helsley
SECURUS W32 Chula Vista, VA Dennis Hogan
Shaba W32 Berkely, CA Jesse Brody
Soltero W32 Dana Point , CA Bob Knoblock
TLSea W32 Dana Point, CA John & Tiffany Milner
Windlace W42 Alameda, CA Terry & Laura Winkler
Nasha W32 Washington, DC Dice Armstrong