A Returning Westsailor Rejoins The Fleet

  • November 14, 2011 4:19 AM
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    [The following was emailed to editor@westsail.org.  I'm re-posting it for all to enjoy.]

    Ahoy! I am Todd Duff and in September my fiance' Gail Suhich and I
    bought a Westsail 42. We had begun watching the boat in Yachtworld
    while cruising in Ecuador and the Galapagos on our previous boat and
    luckily it remained on the market for the four months it took for us
    to work through the sale on our 64' steel brigantine 'One World' in
    Panama. We left Central America at the end of August to fly up to see
    the boat in North Carolina and within two weeks were the new owners of
    W 42 hull #1!

    By early October we had the boat in Florida to begin a whirlwind refit
    so that we can take her back down to Panama where we left most of our
    personal possessions and we plan to continue our cruising adventures
    back in the Pacific aboard her this coming season.

    I have owned two Westsail 32s in the past... the first was hull #699
    which we purchased partially completed and built/refit for a several
    year cruise in the early nineties. The second I ultimately gave to one
    of my children.

    Our 'new' boat is now named 'Small World' because we have learned
    through all of our sailing adventures over the last 30 years that
    everywhere you go, and with many of the new people we meet, it seems
    that there is a connection to others that we know... and also because
    we do truly live on a very small planet where cooperation, compassion
    and conscientiousness are all part of what may help make this small
    world a better place.

    In my working days as a yacht broker in Florida, Maryland and then the
    Caribbean, I was lucky enough to introduce close to a hundred people
    to Westsail sailboats and was honored to assisted many of those people
    in achieving their cruising dreams.

    We look forward to seeing more Westsailors out there and are happy to
    see that the Westsail Owner's Association is still going strong!

    Todd Duff and Gayle Suhich
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