Westsail 32 factory hulls,

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  • November 06, 2011 9:13 PM
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    I looked around and couldn't figure out how to post pictures.  Here is a link to my blog about boating.  There is a page with pictures of the Sea Rover.  She's a bit rough but I like it that way sometimes.  The latest entry in the blog has news on what I found out about SR, thanks to the help of the forum.  I can post here if anyone is interested.


    BTW, all the responses were great.  I'm doing the research now.  If you Westsailers don't mind a little contamination I'll stick around and maybe learn something.  Thanks again.

  • November 06, 2011 10:52 PM
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    David Wiencke wrote:

    Here's a couple of links to the boat I was talking about. Not much info in the thread, but I remember there was more discussion about the designer/builder on the listing site, which is no longer there. It would be interesting to know more about these boats.

    Are you in Australia? Is this possibly your boat Michael?



    I don't think it's my boat.  I know mine was built in Guam in November of  1977.  It was registered with the USCG at some point and has since been taken off the registry.  I am researching further.  And I am in Hawaii.
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