Non-member's info request

  • February 27, 2011 8:19 AM
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    I got the message below by email.  I'll tell Tim to monitor this forum for replies.

    My father once owned a Westsail 32 that was built in a flush deck, 
    cutter configuration.  He spent all of 1971 building this vessel in our 
    side yard and from 1972-1973 my father, mother, sister and I spent a 
    year cruising the Mexican Riviera.  The vessel was named 'Irish Elm' and 
    was home ported at the Richmond Yacht Club (RYC) located in Richmond, 
    California.  Sometime 1976-1978, he sold the Irish Elm to another party.  
    In 2006, my father passed away after a brief fight with brain cancer.  
    Feeling somewhat nostalgic and a little curious, I began wondering 
    whatever happened to the Irish Elm...?
    If I can locate her, it would be nice to obtain a photo or even hear 
    from the current owners about their experiences.  I have extensively 
    search the internet for clues as to the vessel's current status with no 
    luck whatsoever.  I understand that Irish Elm was one of the few 
    Westsails built with a flush deck that was completely covered with teak 
    planking.  I thought these facts would make locating her somewhat less 
    of a 'needle in a haystack' - but I was wrong.  Thinking a little more 
    about it and given the timing of his purchase in 1971, I repeated my 
    search assuming the hull was actually purchased from Kendall.  Again, no 
    In any event, I am hoping you can provide me with some information or 
    suggestions that may be helpful in my quest.
    Thank you,
    Tim Golden.