• November 25, 2023 7:32 AM
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    I would like to add a drifter to my inventory on my new to me WS32. Can anyone give the dimensions and weight of their drifter that they are happy with? Thanks for your help!

  • November 25, 2023 6:58 PM
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    Hello Tommy,  this is an example of a good drifter:  Luff = 42’, le = 39.5’, Ft = 27’.  Weight is .75oz.  Area is about 510 sq ft.   This was a custom made sail but not for my boat.  

    I would recommend getting a hold of Kern Sails in Colorado and ordering a “ standard” kern drifter for a W-32.  The dimensions are nearly identical and his price is probably as good as you’re going to get.  

    A few thoughts.  If you ever want a sock/snubber for this sail be sure to tell the sail maker. The sock consumes about 14” of luff length and therefore the luff of the sail may need to be 14” shorter.   1 1/2 oz material would probably be recommended for this drifter but consider a material known as AirX 700.  It is about the strength of 1 1/2 oz nylon but the weight of .75 oz nylon.  Yes, it does cost more.  I have chosen it.  The reason is because of the bulk of a 1 1/2 oz sail.  Especially if it is in a sock.        

    Good luck with your choice.   Please get back to us and tell us your thoughts after your purchase.    


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  • May 11, 2024 12:25 PM
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    Hello Tommy,   I’m just curious.  Did you order and receive a Drifter for your Westsail?  How did the experience go and are you happy with the sail?      Dave