water tank project begun

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  • February 21, 2012 10:04 AM
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    Steve, I could blather on about how a good portion of the world gets along just fine without ice, but really, the main reason the icebox is gone, is space. I felt that it wasn't an efficient use of the very limited space on a 28. My nav table is being removed/redesigned as an extension of the galley for the same reason. My saloon table will be a multi-purpose station.

     After some research, and a half year living aboard, I discovered that most of what I thought had to be refrigerated, does not. Fresh veggies can be rinsed in bleach water, and stored in such a way as to prolong their shelf life for weeks in some cases. Greens can be problematic, but I can keep my fresh spinach edible for about 5 to 7 days in 80 degree weather. There are plenty of ways to keep food fresh as I'm sure you already know. 

     Some alcoholic drinks, and all sodas are best served cold, but Leslie and I drink neither. I reckon for the once or twice a year that we have guests, we could make a temporary ice chest out of a plastic bag, using towels for insulation? Or buy a cheapo 7-11 styrofoam cooler and throw it away when we're done.

    My fish oil, and phosphatidylcholine capsules don't do well in extremely hot weather either, they melt. Maybe placing them in the bilge will solve that.

    I briefly toyed with the idea of installing an Engels fridge under the galley counter, but for a cold glass of water, or to save leftovers from becoming fish food, I don't think it's worth it. It would mean more batteries, solar, wiring, the fridge itself, added insulation around it, and something else to fix when it breaks. That's a pretty steep price for a cold glass of water and leftover salmon loaf! I can't justify the cost in either dollars, space, or in my labor.

    Hopefully, Leslie won't justify it for me :-P


    I added about three cubic feet of space, not eight :-)

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  • February 21, 2012 3:07 PM
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    Eric, if you want to install some polyethylene tanks that will fit in the space, they are available from Ronco Plastics, where I get all of my water and holding tanks.  They have an online catalog of hundreds of standard sizes, and you can choose one, or more, that will fit easily in the space available.  They install the fittings for supply, vent, and fill after the tank is molded, so they can be installed anywhere necessary.

    The catalog can be viewed at  www.ronco-plastics.com   I can order them for you at a discount from their catalog price.


  • February 29, 2012 5:04 PM
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    Deleted user

    Hey Eric- Thanks for the photolog on your watertank project.......I thought that I had a mess with taking the teak deck off of ZOSHA.............I am suspect about my water tank as well but have not investigated yet because of the other things that I'm doing to the boat.....but man! what an ordeal your going thru!  Good luck with your project....I've got to admit, I'm with Steve here  about not messing with those tanks. I agree with your statement about "what were they thinking when they designed this tank ?" good luck again........can't wait to see your finished project.


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