Staysail roller furling - to boom or not to boom?

  • January 14, 2017 8:30 AM
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    Hi all,

    we are converting our staysail in our Westsail 42 to roller reefing/furling, as we got the chance for a good furler.

    Now trying to work out sheeting options.

    Do we keep the boom? Install some sort of track and car on the boom? Anyone done that?

    Is there another way to keep the boom and reef/furl the sail? Existing clew slide with a jammer? Where to take the line?

    Do we get rid of the boom (or maybe just use when downwind as a pole)? How does that affect the efficiency of the sail? Can you still use the sheet on the existing track?

    I have sewn a suncover on but not yet attempted to recut the sail (I do my own sail repairs with trusty Sailrite). If people had old sail recut, what was done? Straightening luff? Adding foam?

    I saw some old forum posts where people were thinking about converting, Jay I think you were experimenting, be very grateful to see what others have done and what has worked well, photos would be fantastic.



    SV Chantey

  • February 07, 2017 7:45 AM
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    Lose the boom, it's not needed and worse, it's in the way on the foredeck and can be dangerous at worse, awkward at best.  You can self tend the staysail sheets with deck tracks port and starboard and just tighten the lazy sheet if you have to go to windward to flatten the sail.  Having the staysail on a roller fuller is the best/safest sail shortening method going and I'm assuming your jib is on a roller as well.  You get to stay in the cockpit for two sail changes!  Yes, you could use it down wind, but a telescoping pole stowed on the forward edge of the mast works just fine and it doesn't get in the way on the fore deck for RIB stowage, etc.

  • February 17, 2017 6:33 PM
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    I converted the first WS42 I owned to staysail roller and will do the same for our 'new' 42 when we get closer to cruising.  Our Deerfoot50 had roller staysail too, very nice and fore-deck clear! Have had good luck with ProFurl.


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