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  • May 01, 2014 5:45 AM
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    HI Guys,

    I am going to pick up my new boat in about 3 weeks, and gettign things ready for the passage down to BVI immediately.

    Ive got a monitor to install, chartplotter too, bought some backup VHF/GPS and a set of storm trysail/jib as well.  A sea anchor is on hold at bacons....  a sailrite machine has been bought to make lee cloths and weather cloths... jacklines and safety harnesses, epirb and sat phone coming with me on the plane,.... the hard dinghy has aquired a set of 'dinghydogs' and a sea-anchor as well as water jug... to make it my 'liferaft'... there is a solar panel and ill buy a couple more batteries upon arrival... and replace (or clean if possible with removed from boat) the fuel tank to be sure that is clean... 

    The question I have here:  the boat has standard sail inventory- main with partial battens, staysail on boom, and 'regular' yankee about 10' short of luff,, and a Drifter ... but I think i should buy a 'big yankee' or 'super yankee' or 'genoa' to fill out the inventory for the passage south..

    Im not keen on new sails, as I will re-clothe this boat as I did Happy Times with a set of massive quantums.. but need sails for a fast safe passage..

    Anyone want to loan me a headsail ?  (lol)   or have time to talk sizes that work well from the bacons inventory ?

    Super pumped!
  • May 04, 2014 8:04 AM
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    The sail you call a "regular yankee that is 10' short on the luff" is probably not a yankee, but one of the original jibs.  Any yankees that I know that were made went all the way up the headstay.  The original ones were about 300 sq. ft., and worked very well.  Kern made some he called a super yankee, and they were up around 400 sq. ft.
  • June 25, 2014 7:01 AM
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    HI Bud,

    Thanks yes it was the regular working jib included with the boat, which I didn't really find conditions to use it in this trip. I was able to borrow what is probably a yankee from my old boat Happy Times, but it was a good bit short as this boat has a taller rig.. but it was great for winds 6kts to 18kts.

    Thanks for all the help.