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    On our first cruise we used a Hawkins wi-fi antenna. It was a plastic radar dish, 
    @4", shaped antenna that was really was meant to sit on a desk. It looked like a 
    toy.  You would set it on the dodger and being directional it was ok if the boat 
    didn't move and it was good to maybe a mile. it was the the most popular at the 

    We're getting read for our next cruise. Wow, have things changed in a short time
     After a little research we decided on The Wirie AP.  We just got it installed and 
    what an improvement.  It was real simple to get it running and exceeded our 
    expectation's. The following are the major points that influenced our choice.  It's 
    now as fast on the boat as it is at home.

    1.  Designed by and for actual cruisers
    2.  No Cables to install.  It makes the boat a hot spot allowing multiple devices
         to be used.  It's a wi-fi router.
    3.  Truly waterproof.(IP67)
    4.  NO SOFTWARE - I've heard a lot of complaints about the software on other
    5.  Omnidirectional, most brands are.
    6.  Five mile range.

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