How to fill water tanks

  • September 30, 2020 7:19 PM
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     I just purchased a Westsail 32 and was wondering if I'm missing something. The boat has deckfills for fuel and waste pump out, but no water. Are you supposed to drop a hose down a hatch and fill via the plugs in the top of each tank? 

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  • September 30, 2020 7:56 PM
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    If there's a deckfill for water, only once will you enjoy the spectacle of a dock employee filling your water tanks with fuel.  Or connecting the waste pump hose to the water deckfil and pumping the contents out.\\

    Joe Kovacs     W32 Sea Breeze

  • October 01, 2020 5:25 AM
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    Deleted user

    That's normal. I bring the hose down through the companionway that has a shutoff valve at the end. I attach a smaller section of hose to it, put it in the tank and open the shutoff valve. PITA but that's the setup.

  • October 28, 2020 3:21 PM
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    Westsail purposely did not provide water deck fills on the W32s, because of the reason of possibly accidentally getting fuel in the tanks.