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  • February 06, 2011 8:49 AM
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    Testing the new web site forum and since In the Yard is not available yet, I will post this in Westsail General Discussion.

    My neighbor was grinding metal on his boat and as a result I ended up with thousands of tiny rust spots on part of Rhapsody's topside gelcoat. I purchased a product called RustAid from Ace Hardware for $2.99 which worked just fine in removing the stains. Now for the good part. I am redoing the finish on my caprails and have quite a bit of black water staining around the bungs and joints. This product, which sprays out as a gel, got on some of my teak and did an absolutely fantastic job of bleaching out the wood. I tried some on the stained areas of the caprail and this stuff is way better than anything I have ever tried on teak. It does not eat the soft part, is harmless to gelcoat and sprays off clean leaving the teak looking like fresh wood. The ingredients are Oxalic and Hydrochloric acid. Must be mild 'cause it didn't burn my skin either.

  • February 06, 2011 9:51 AM
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    I have said this in the past.  The black stain on the teak is probably mold, and hydrochloric or muriatic acid in the cleaner will get rid of the mold.
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