Westsail Articles

WOA will post links to articles about Westsails as web url's or as pdf format.

Westsail History as edited by Snider and Lynne Vick

Satori - Perfect Storm the whole story

Time Magazine article that started the Westsail phonume.

July 1976 issue - of a well know magazine included W32 Gallant as part of their "fleet"  (I couldn't get a response to my email for permission to use this document.)

Cruiser from a Kit - the joys and sorrows of building your Westsail from a kit by Tony Gibbs, a reprint from Yachting December 1976 - from the collection of Chris and Merry Romine.

Tale of two boat builders - Nautical Quarterly article by Mitchell Gorden fairly complete history of the Westsail Corp.

Blue Water Boats - Westsail 32 - an updated page

Good Old Boat December 2012 edition - Westsail, the dream factory - Todd Duff - WOA member former owner "Small World" W42.  



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