2015 Northern California Rendezvous

The 2015 Northern California Westsail Rendezvous was in the Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, Richmond, CA. We had 43 for Saturday dinnner plus another ~10 who dropped by on Saturday to tour 12 Westsails.

Special mention: 

Larry Waldrip -  Desiderata sailed all the way up from Moss Landing, CA.

John and Diane Clark - Konami - were with us during their cruise south which started in Portland, OR.  

Sarah Kerley and Mischelle Hutchison are the newest owners having just purchased Oceana W32 a few weeks ago. 

Owners and vessels in attendance
Dennis Flick Carmencita Valerio Shoestring W32 Marina Bay, Richmond
Charlie Youngquist Deborah Barnett Voyager W32 Emeryville
Kurt Lorenz

Raven W39 Berkeley
Mike Ransom Andrea Dose Aerides W32 Emery Cove
Randy Leasure Danielle Leasure Tortuga W32 Pier 39
Sarah Kerley Mischelle Hutchison Oceana W32 Emeryville Marina
ElizabethKerley  OceanaW32Emeryville Marina
Jay Bietz Pam Bietz Pygmalion W32 Alameda Marina
Pasi Kimpimaki Miiru W32 Grand Marina, Alameda
Larry Waldrip

Desiderta W32 Moss Landing, CA
Rick Morris Dulcinea W32 Brickyard Cove
JohnClarkDianeClark KonamiW32Portland, OR
BrettSmithJanSmith DulcineaW32Richmond, CA
Owners and non Owners in attendance
John Milner Tiffany Numbers T.L.Sea W32 Dana Point,CA
David Brown Mandala W32
Lon Woodrum Susie Woodrum Former Owners K32 - W39
Michael Toubassi

Director - Westsail the World
Norm Rhines Kate Rhines Imagine W32 Saratoga WY
Jim Focha Julie Focha Worldwind W32 Stockton
Javier Kim

Anton Herbert Firefly W32 Sausalito
Bud Taplin
Robert Knobloch Soltero W32 Dana Point, CA
Mark Cogbill Cynthia Cogbill Carpa Diem W32
CourtneyCogbill  Carpa DiemW32 
Robert McDermott Torill Helland

Tiberon, CA

Special thanks to:

John Milner - for handling the WOA Store
Bud Taplin - for being Bud
Javier Kim & Pasi Kimpimaki & John & Diane Clark- Images
Randy Leasure - for all the great raffle prizes
Pam Bietz - for the 3 kinds of cookies for Saturday's snack.
Norm & Kate Rhines - Show us how to make a Safety Lae

Tara & Rob Stout - Catering the BBQ Saturday night

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