2019 Pacific Northwest Rendezvous

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The 2019 Pacific Northwest Westsail Rendezvous was a huge success with 14 boats attending! Most were Westsail 32s along with a Westsail 28, a Westsail 43 and an honorary member of the Westsail family, a Windjammer 34!  Jim and Kym Monroe were gracious hosts organizing the event with most boats arriving on Friday afternoon. 

Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend is an ideal location for the event with a beautiful harbor surrounded by the local sailing community. Loads of wooden boats and maritime history abound.

The event was made even more special with the unexpected attendance of Lynne and Snyder Vick who founded the Westsail Company back in the early 70’s, taking the boat building company that Larry Kendall started into the mainstream. 

Saturday saw open boat tours with new and old friends welcoming folks aboard their boats and sharing boat enhancement ideas and stories.

Saturday night began with a tasty pizza buffet in the local rec room above the marina. The evenings entertainment had Westsailor presentations with Jay Bietz (W32 Pygmalion) talking about hidden parts that break, Dave King (W32 Saraband) shared his hull fairing methodology and Randy Leasure (W32 Tortuga) shared the latest on the upcoming documentary Westsail the World and video footage from his recent LongPac race. Snyder Vick then shared his reflections on starting Westsail and how he and Lynne built the business up and then saw the downfall with capital issues and financial woes. They were delighted to see so many folks keeping the spirit and joy of the Westsail Legacy alive and well. 

Mike Poor & Liz Henry have volunteered to be the hosts for next years rendezvous around this same time with the location TBD. 

Sunday morning allowed more boats tours and socializing with some boats staying in Port Townsend for a few more days and some folks cruising on into their summer plans around the islands of the Pacific Northwest. 

If you’d like to be the host of a Rendezvous in your area, contact the Westsail Owners Association for more information and support. 

As Bud Taplin says, “All you need is 2 boats and a six pack to start a Rendezvous!”

Fair winds and following seas.

Randy Leasure - W32 Tortuga


Boats in attendance:

W28 Starwhite - Kevin Donahue

W32 Apollonia - Byron & Yvonne Craig

W32 Blue Moon - Kees Prins

W32 Elizabeth Ann - Charlotte & Gary Burton 

W32 Hula - Bill & Darlene Stange

W32 Mithrander - Jim & Kym Monroe

W32 Patience - Lee & Nan Perry

W32 Quimera - Mitch & Gale Linne

W32 Saraband - Dave King & Ruth Helsley

W32 Seaker - Morten Palmgren

W32 Solstice - Steve & Carmine VanTuyl

W32 Soren - Mike and Val Boero

W34 (Windjammer 34)- Aruba Wind - Chris and Desiree Hochstein. 

W43 - Quedagh Merchant - Jamie Patel & Otto Legap

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