Westsail 32 Inch Model

Rich Gross is the proud owner of S/V Solterette W32" and he writes:

"SOLTERETTE" was built about thirty years ago and is fully navigable by radio control; both under sail and with auxiliary inboard power.


The WESTSAIL prints and construction book were loaned to me upon the completion of the building of SOLTERO, hull number 92, hence, the name "SOLTERETTE".    The blue prints were reprinted to one twelve scale (1"=1'). 


The next step was to build the molds for the deck and hull.  After that I milled out all the wood to scale from teak.  All rigging was hand made as well as the sails which were sewn by my wife.


"SOLTERETTE"  sails very well and has been entered in local sailing regattas at Lake Irving in Southern California.  On numerous occasions she has given those meter boat a run for the money.


 Hope this provides a little more info on 'SOLTERETTE'.


Rich Gross

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