The Good the Bad and the Ugly.....

  • May 01, 2017 9:37 AM
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    My brother and I have had Tyee W32 73' #74 for four years now and while remote Alaska didnt have much in the way of yards for us to pull her and check her bottom we have moved to WA now after an amazing sail down the inside passage. We saved our pennies for a year now and have a date of May 2nd to pull her at the Port Townsend yard.  I have an entire month with nothing scheduled but working on the Tyee.

    Figured we would leave a few days early and be ready........... managed to run into the mud flat between Union, WA and Hoodsport, WA.  After an intense twenty minutes of scrambling and trying to figure out what could be done.  We sat back and monitored the situation.  She leaned over and sat on the soft mud and no leaks!  we did get three gallons of diesel in the bilge before i found the leak at the open sight tube was lower than the starboard tank.  Four hours later and a visit from the sheriff to check on us and we were free and headed to Pleasent Harbor.  Thanks to the delay we missed their awesome hot tub.

    The next day was beautiful but we had to motor to catch the right tide at the canal bridge, i swear we cleared by a foot at -1.  Next with the turn of the tide and a building wind in our face we fought the maelstrom of eddys at the mouth of the bay into port townsend.  At the entrance to the harbor we stopped and drifted for a minute to raise the harbor on VHF and after no callback started in........hmmm......we are not moving forward and the engine sounds just a bit different.  somehow our prop picked that moment to drop off.  sigh   We anchored and with no hope of towing ourselves in the wind we called for a tow and made it to the dock an hour later.  

    Adventure happens when everything goes wrong they say.

    After all that Im still excited to be in Port Townsend and be able to work on Tyee.  Ill be posting lots of questions and most likely have an order for Bud.  If anyone has any suggestions on what not to miss on a haulout let me know.  Also, anyone in the area is welcome to stop by.  Would like to make some sailing friends here in WA and hopefully we can make the PNW rendezvous.


    I added a couple pics from our grounding.  

  • May 02, 2017 5:32 PM
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    Sounds like quite the adventure. I'm not much of expert in fact only one year of owning a WS32, I'll swing by one of these days coming up and say hi. Maybe you can teach me a few things. 

    Welcome to PT.


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