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  • January 25, 2023 12:23 AM
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    I've read of a few people who have modified their WS32 by putting in a split backstay, shortening the boom, and using a reduced sized main. I could see the advantage of taking tension off the boomkin. I also read one person who suggested a twin backstay, which I am unfamiliar with. I noticed on the Mighty Sparrow videos what seems to be two parallel backstays, which must be a twin backstay set up. What is the advantage of such a set up? I suppose if one failed the other one will still support the mast. But it doesn't seem like it would help reduce tension on the boomkin at all. Or does it? Thanks for any feedback regarding this.

  • January 25, 2023 8:35 AM
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    Hi Zach, advantages of going to the hull are way less failure points in the backstay system, simplicity and probably reliability. Bill on Hula and others have a turning block about 15’ up so it’s only split until that point.
    Disadvantages are the main will hit the backstay if it has any roach at all, you will have to shorten your boom. Also mounting a windvane becomes more problematic. 

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    Brion Toss wrote a article , Why twin back stays are evil .

    Also a reason for a twin set up would be an insulator for a SSB . 

    Another reason it's done is if you want to get rid of the boomkin (blasphemy) . 

    This was done on the first few W28's because it was designed without a boomkin .

    Mark . 

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    Hello Zach,  like Bryon Toss, I am not a fan of twin backstays.  I’m OK with a split backstay to the hull but I have no intention of doing that.  

    I am 100% confident in the original rig, though I have made a few simple modifications:  My backstay is 5/16”.  My boomkin stays are 5/16”.

    My hull chainplates for the boomkin stays are 2” X 1/4” and mounted with 1/2” bolts.  These bolts have been repositioned 4” higher on the hull.  

    My SS cross piece is custom and heavier duty.  Potential problems are solved.  

    My boomkin, bowsprit, rudder cheeks, and Samson posts are all 30 years old and look like brand new.  With gloss varnish.  Combined, the maintenance equals approximately 6 hrs per year.  

    The tiller is original and receives about 2 hrs a year.

    An answer to a question not asked here concerns the W-32’s helm.  I have a full length standard boom with a maxed out Mainsail.  I have NO weather helm issue.  BUT.  Long ago I re-raked the mast to bring the mast head 4” further forward.  Problem - if any- solved.      

    When looking for a used W-32, I would not discount one with the wood extensions.  If those parts are bad they can be easily replaced.    

    As regards other modifications:  the hull to rudder fairing is the best thing you can do for yourself .  In current dollars it will cost about $1000 in materials and about 10 man days of labor.    

    The next best modification would probably be to glass over the hull to deck join, after removing the cap rail (and leave a trim piece on the outside).      Also, take note,  this stuff is my opinion only.  Take it accordingly.    

    Good luck,  Dave

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