Seeks a Low Maintenance Archer Boat

  • May 25, 2013 7:27 AM
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    Hi I’m Andrew from Oz

    I’ve been a fan of Archer since reading “Seaworthiness the Forgotten Factor” about four years ago. A bit of Googling led me here, followed by a whole lot of keeping my eye on the market and lurking in the background, learning things here and there...

    After hearing so many conflicting opinions about seaworthiness, and because I love the motion of a heavy boat, I think I’ll start with a boat that sits at the absolute extreme end; so here I am...

    My experience is mainly in dinghies, about 5-700 races as a kid. I now want to live aboard... But there aren’t heaps of Westsails here, so we’ll see. A low maintenance Archer boat in some form is what I seek for my first cruising boat!

    Clearly a massive part of what makes these boats so brilliant, here, now, today, is this site and all the after sales support; Bud’s contributions in particular... So for whatever boat I end up with, a big thanks to all involved!

  • May 26, 2013 7:15 PM
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    Andrew: Thanks for the kind words from all in the Westsail community...

    I do know that many folks are buying boats in CA and sailing / shipping them to your area for cruising.  Don't know if that is for you but you never know what may turn up.

    I'd recommend you post in the "looking to buy" forum and see what happens. 


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