Beta 25 = Kubota ??

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  • September 19, 2015 2:51 PM
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    Deleted user

    Hi to the Administrator:

    Over the years I have posted my input to the discussions and after a short while, my name has always been deleted or designated "Anonymous". If one of us contributors posted an untruth we should stand behind the substance in our post.  Also it would help to be able to contact us if there are in depth follow-up questions by anyone using this info.. The purpose of the Association is to provide not only a social outlet, but to keep our investment to latest stand of technology available. For example Dave King would not have provided the pictures of the "Saraband" improvement (I am still very impressed by the execution of this project), suggestion about insulating the interior etc.

    When my identifier is turned to Anonymous or 'Deleted" it seems that my password gets lost. Is this correct?

    Can the authors name be kept? I from now on have been adding my initials to be able to identify my own "Dribbles"

    Thanks for your work running this site.

    Mike Zorn, Olympia Wa . (W32 #550)

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