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  • January 06, 2013 12:27 PM
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    Wondering if any of you have installed a Taylor 079D in your W32 and if you should have pics of your installation, I'd love to see them.

    At this point I'm considering installing it to the port of the compression post, so long as the flue can clear the mast pulpit without being a nusance to the one seated with their back to this bulkhead.  I have considered installing it to starbord of the compression post, on the bulkhead above the seatee, but I would lose my favorite reading spot and it would have to be higher of the cabin sole in order to be able to open the cabinet. Everything is indeed a compromise, but in our colder climate the heat in the spring and fall would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks for your help

  • January 07, 2013 4:50 PM
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    Hello Jean,

    Awhile back we installed a woodstove on our W32. We ran the flue/stack into the center of the mast pulpit legs on purpose. This protects the chimney, deck iron, etc from being damaged by lines under tension and also protects us and the lines from being burned.

    When using the stove we make sure to move the flag halyards and other lines from the pinrails to cleats elswhere (depends if we are underway or, anchored).

    Our stove is located on the Stbd side near the bulkhead. Its likely it would also work for Port side.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • January 08, 2013 5:41 PM
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    Deleted user
    Thanks for this information. I'll therefore explore this option and measure carefully the distance between the legs of the mast pulpit.
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