Battery Watering system

  • December 22, 2012 9:52 AM
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    After finding one battery (7 years old) out of water - and since the water level of batteries on my boat are difficult to check and maintain - I found a Qwik-Fill Battery  watering system.  I ordered the parts for 3- 12v wet cell batteries and the hand bulb pump unit needed to fill the batteries.  While a bit pricey - so far I find the system easy to use.


    While I lack of photo of the pump unit - above are images of how the installation went.

    Since my batteries are seperated by about 3' from one another - I used on system for each battery.  The yellow manifold has black floats that rise when the water level in the battery rises and shuts off the water from the manifold - preventing over filling.  The black fitting on the end of the feed tube is a one way valve and fitting to hook up the hand pump.

    The air trapped in the feedlines/system is gently vented. 

    After the manifold is installed in the battery you simply squeeze the hand bulb/pump until it is firm - and the battery is full. 

    So far so good after 2 months.



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  • December 22, 2012 12:06 PM
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    We have 4 x 220 AH 6v golf cart batteries on the starboard side battery shelf.  Since the fuse box sits right above that it would be impossible to water them.  I installed the same system except bought the kit for 6v batteries.  I have one tube that feeds all them.  Very nice setup. 

  • March 16, 2013 4:50 AM
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    When I had to replace my 4 Trojan T-105's (at a cost of $200 each in Central America) I decided to install the Qwikfill system after reading about it on an earlier forum posting

    Battery Placement

    I have two T-105's placed just forward of each fuel tank. Not impossible but I had to use a turkey baster to reach the fills...  just hard enough to maintain that I would just say 'I'll do it tomorrow'.

    Now, they are so easy to maintain I just say 'I'll do it tomorrow''.

    Seriously though, while it is pricy (about $165 for two 6v kits + bulb pump) if you have lead acid batteries that are at all difficult to maintain it is absolutely worth the cost in the long run.
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