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  • October 23, 2015 4:42 PM
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    We are still slowly restoring everything on our Westsail 42 ketch (tall rig). We have the original Schaefer jib furling (furls around own luff wire, not forestay) and it works well with our new sail. Must be 1970s vintage, no model number, no manual.

    Q1 - does anyone else still have this gear/have any experience of maintenance?

    Q2 - the halyard is lead through a double block and becket on an attachment just below and slightly to port of the masthead. It leads down the mast the wrong side of the halyard winches and the mast steps to be used on the winch. But hauling by hand does not get it very tight. I tried changing to run through the masthead sheaves, as we have 3, but this created a poor lead from the top swivel on the jib. Would be great to get iadeas from others about how you have installed it.



    SV Chantey. 

  • September 03, 2016 5:53 AM
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    Jane,  I have a 42 Yawl, CENTURION, and I need the dimensions for a yankee foresail to replace the huge, unmanageable genoa currently on the boat.  The luff of the genoa is 53'3".  Do you have a yankee on your boat? If so can you give me the dimensions so I may have one made?  Thanks.  Feel free to call me if you want at 850-776-2976.  Thanks,  

  • September 04, 2016 7:01 AM
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    I have the same Schaefer furler on Rhapsody, a W32. It has served me well for over 20 years with little or no maintenance. As I recall from the last time the mast was down, I have three sheaves in the mast head. Main, Jib, and one for the roller furling. On my mast on the port side is a winch used for the Schaefer system and it can be drawn up very tight. The halyard is extra long so that the whole system can be lowered to the deck and removed with the Yankee rolled up. The drum is attached to an eyebolt on the bowsprit with a clevis pin located aft of the forestay and removes easily. I usually only lower it when we have hurricane warnings forecast and a shot of oil in the upper swivel is the only maintenance I have ever performed with the exception of replacement of the furling line. I found a new upper swivel at a flea market some years back and keep it as a spare. Don't think I'll ever have to use it and the system has never jammed or given me any problems.


  • September 06, 2016 3:26 PM
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    Jane, during our restoration of our WS42 Ketch, Harmony, we replaced all standing and running rigging.  Included in that list was the roller furler on the headsail.  Harmony had an old Harken unit that was unworkable.  Having had great experience with a Schaefer roller fuller on our last boat, I installed a Schaefer unit on Harmony.

    We went with a big 4100? unit based on Schaefer's recommendation.  We have used it for the last 3 years and have found it to be fabulous.  By the way, the folks at Schaefer spent hours on the phone with me giving counsel and recommendations.

    Each year when we haul out for the winter, we have the fuller checked by a rigger familiar with the units.

    Anyway, that my couple of cents.  I have used a lot of Schaefer gear and have found the quality of finish and the longevity to be superb.


    PS - I wanted to install a roller furler for the staysail, but the cost was too much at the time (~ $4000 excluding the cost of recutting the sail).  Moreover, I wanted to see how the staysail worked on the boom first.

  • January 14, 2017 8:18 AM
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    Hi Chris,

    sorry for some reason I didn;t get a notification of your reply.

    Our Yankee is 48'6" luff, 24' foot, 38' leech. Works great as our power sail in all but light airs. Hope this is still useful,


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