Looking for a reverse gear for Volvo MD11C

  • July 23, 2020 5:29 AM
    Message # 9120403

    I broke my reverse gear trying to pound a pulley off my shaft and wanted to see if there was anyone out there that has re-powered and still has the old Volvo MD11C sitting around taking space. I plan to see if I can get it repaired but knowing the cost involved and lack off availability of parts I wanted to through it out there. I'm willing to take the whole engine if that is the stipulation. Not a bad thing having spares. 

    Thank you for any suggestions or leads.

    Mike Everett

    S/v Soon Come 

    I can upload pictures but it may not show much. Space is limited and embarrassingly the parts involved are pretty rusty.

    I live in San Diego, California and I am willing to travel the western coast and pick it up.

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