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  • January 29, 2012 9:14 AM
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    We have 3 water tanks on our W42, with a pressure pump, we think a standard installation but with our boat you never know!

    Been replacing old inlet hose and trying to work out a plumbing diagram for the rest. There is another 1/2" breather hose coming from top of tanks. We canĀ“t find any evidence of drain hoses anywhere - should there be?

    One of the breather hoses - from the starboard tank - has been connected to the breather hose fitting on the top of the centre tank. The port tank breather goes to an anti-syphon loop in the engine room.

    We are not familiar with pressurised systems as our old boats only had manual pumps. So is it correct for the 2 tanks to be connected together? Or shoudl all 3 have a seperate breather to teh engine room?

    Also we want to take off a manual water supply for use on passage. Where is the best place to take off? Does it need to come indeoendently from one tyank or can we tee off the  main supply pipe under the sink? not sure how the pressurisation affects the manual pump and vice versa.

    ANy help gratefully received!

    Ivan and Jane
    SV Chantey
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