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  • June 05, 2015 10:11 AM
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    Here In the yard and I am looking to solve some of the discomfort in my cockpit before relaunch. So I thought I would ask, if anyone has comments, or pictures of a great cockpit.

    I asked Bud and he has sent 4 pics on (Thanks) and I have reviewed the WOA, Jacks site and google, for tid bits. All were some what helpful, but not quite enough.;

    my thoughts

    Making it in 3 or 4 parts 

    1.) the coamings  with the following

    •  19" seat bottom depth
    • 15 Deg slant on the back
    • place for the jib sheets to fall (store)
    • Issue (working around the bulworks mounted winches for the design)

    2.) the seat front addition (where the shin busting boards were = removed)

    • narrow the top of the well to 27" max (foot rest for healed side)
    • rounded so as not to beat up the person
    • removable so as to allow the floor to come up  
    • Not sure there are any issues with this design?

    3.) the sole in the cockpit

    • An addition so that under the new seat front overhang 1.5" at the back and 4" at the front; the sole is angled 20 deg (= no more foot jamming in the down wind corner of the well)
    • Integrated into the removable floor section (one part or 2?)
    • I am leaning to 2 part and bolting the sole down from underneath
    • Issue The angle 20 = flat on heal or 45 deg = opposite slope and no sharp corner?

    Where I am not sure,  The very aft end.  as the coamings will end in the bulworks just aft of the gallows, a second part will be needed for a backrest. Tiller clearance, hatch access and general access will have to be thought of.

    (Any pic's or comments in this area would be helpful)

    Making this out of foam and glass is the simple choice but if others were to do it (Mold for the parts?) 


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  • June 06, 2015 5:27 PM
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    Norm , 1) I saw some cockpit mods done on W 32 Lorilee , now owned by Ryan Bradfield . Lorilee has coamings like you are describing ,they are there mainly I think to channel water out of the sitting area . To my recollection Lorilee had about 19" at the widest point to sit and the coamings weren't to high as to interfere with the winches . All of it was fabed out of teak .

    2) Narrowing the foot well and making a foot rest for when heeled sounds like a good 

    idea . For one you get more butt room . And making it removable would be a must . 

    3) Sounds good . my only concern is if the new coaming is going to end at the bulwark , how does the water get out ? Will it have to go back forward to the scupper ?

    As for  the 20* slope in center of the sole , sounds interesting but IMO I would try a temp mock up and then decided if that will really work for you .

    One thought , the W32 has a raised lazzerett hatch . the W28's is flush if I were looking for a little more room to sit I would make that hatch flush and get rid of the sampson posts . But on the other hand Norm, could you please expand a little more on the reason why you need coamings , cutting down on butt room  I don't understand , I mean if it's the water thing I understand .

    Last I would mock up everything and give it a good test run . 



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  • June 06, 2015 6:50 PM
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    Mark thanks for the info, but I think I had seen the teak boards (internet) nice, but they are wood and I really hate exterior wood!

    My cockpit mod is for comfort!  less wet, better seating at harbor and at sea some what more room, and hopefully I can lay back while at the tiller and just enjoy the dry and comfy sail? the loss in butt room is no issue and the backrest would be great.

    some notes:

    ending the coaming at bull works = the water must shoot up and out overboard in the rear or flow back forward.  I have done the full cockpit fill thing :( it does not happen that often but) the coaming will have a curved design on the outside to assist the water getting off (flowing right on by) and not into the foot well.

    I also am going to have drains for the seats both fore and aft.

    For mock up I am going to use styrofoam cut, sanded and roughed into shape for all parts. This will allow the checking of all lines and the tiller as well as looking at access in and out of the cockpit.

    The current thought on the aft coaming (separate from the seat backs) is to run it just infront of the hatch with little curves backward on each side to tie into the bulworks.  But this is the area I would like to see other solutions. as this is where the loss or gain of room in the cockpit will come from.  

    an additional note; I have no boomkin, It is gone and I have never ever missed it one bit!! not even a little.

    as for the hatch I am thinking of a way I can use it as a cockpit table when at anchor = yes I think the flush is great but I may not go that way.

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  • June 07, 2015 5:11 AM
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    Or, if you are looking for back support you could just get a sport-a-seat. Surely you've run across these before;

    I have a couple and can highly recommend them (and they work anywhere on the boat).  The other item I use to improve cockpit comfort is a Orvis bean bag dog bed. I still have teak boomkins and it's really uncomfortable having them poke you in the butt when sitting further aft in the cockpit, manning the tiller pilot.  I just throw the it over/against them and they 'disappear'.  I wouldn't leave home without it. One of the best 'gear for the boat' thingies I stumbled upon.

    Orvis doesn't sell them anymore so when the original canvas finally rotted I just had another made of sunbrella.  Not big & bulky like regular beanbags, just a 36" diameter 'puck' about 8" thick.  I'll provide more details if anyone is interested.

    I personally would never never never narrow the cockpit well. I consider it one of the unique benefits of the WS32 to have as much room/access to the engine compartment as it provides.

    Now, if you can solve the inability to stretch out and sleep in the cockpit I'm all ears.  IMO, it's one of the real downsides of a WS32, not having a spacious cockpit.  It's a 'working' cockpit, not one suited for lounging, afternoon get-togethers, etc.. I can't image it being desirable to make it even smaller via coamings, etc.

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  • June 07, 2015 6:18 PM
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    Thanks for the info (I substituted a full sail bag for the bean bag (less storage required, but yes a very great Idea!))

    as for narrowing the cockpit (I see this as one of the big issues at sea); it is to far a reach for the feet,  when healed. Please note; I am not narrowing the floor of the well, just the removable top, on the floor I want to add a wedge to the edge of the floor hatch so as not to jam my bare foot in the corner of the well which hurts this old guy.

    as for the Laying down in the cockpit; that is what I am shooting for!

    The yes or no to that question, is located at the aft end of the well and the cross (very back coaming) part and it's design.

    as for reduction in the side decks the loss will not be missed as you would have a backrest which trumps no back rest with wet butt.

    I have some CAD stuff I am thinking of, but it is not done (or close)  as I have to resolve the winch areas and the very aft of the cockpit.  For me it means relocating the aft cleats which are even with the back of the well.  (I plan to move them to the sides of the aft hatch and behind any coaming that is installed) 

    as for the tip up seat I am less keen on these (at least under sail) and for storage.

    and for the access to the engine room I have a marine hatch much like the one on sundown  which will still fit within the narrower seats. And yes I am still working on the design, but hope to have something near the end of the week. (not sure I can get everything I want but I will try)

    Any information on what other people have done at the very back of the cockpit (sides) would be great.



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  • July 23, 2015 10:23 AM
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    Here's a shot of my coamings.  I don't have any measurements right now, but can take some this weekend if you'd like.  I just launched Lorilee this past weekend, so I haven't had any experience with boarding waves (yet) - I imagine the coamings will really block a lot of the water flow to the cockpit.  I really like the little sheet/winch handle/catchall compartment next to the winches.  With the dodger up and my back against the cabin dash, it makes for a nice cozy spot to sit in a heel.

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  • July 23, 2015 10:37 AM
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    Ryan Thanks for the picture.

    Update for me:

    I will be cutting the high $$$ foam for the back (across the aft end of the cockpit) this next week. I thought this would be the hardest and it seams to be the easy sell for my wife?? and the mockup looks and feels great.  I will post pictures when completed and painted.

    the wife has said no to what I wanted to do for the side coamings so back to the drawing board for those?  She did not want to step over the mockup, so ? :(  = still thinking about it

    Any other pictures would still be welcome as my full coamings were shot down.



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