New kind of backstay

  • October 12, 2012 9:11 PM
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  • October 13, 2012 12:53 PM
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    What did you fill it with?

    You might want to keep a regular inspection of the tubes where they attach to the chainplate just in front of the rudder .

    Two comments.

    1.) if you see you are tightening the backstays often (there is a problem) inspect right away.

    2.) If the rig starts to fail, it will show up as the square part starts to become round (could give you time to change direction and unload the rig?  This could be good if you are in the cockpit.  i.e the failure will be slow at first, not just a quick pop of the stay, others have noted that they had no advance warning of an issue, your design will indicate before failing
    which is a good thing, but only if your can see your square part.

    Looks cool, but if you add some additional  tension (wire or solid rod) from the bottom of the chainplate to the bottom corners as far out as possible you would add much to the strength.

    May you enjoy fair winds of much less than 40 Kts.

    Lastly;  you did a new rudder Right?

    If you did how is it working out,  have you had any issues? and does it stay centered when not under sail?

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  • October 14, 2012 8:05 AM
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    Hi Norm,

    No I havent filled the tube but I wanted to said that the tube is a full stainless rod.. and not an empty tube... From all weather condition that I have experienced with this new system no deformation have been notice and I have 100% confident with this system.. but for sure as many other part of the boat regular inspection have to be done.

    One tune up of the rigging have been done when the boat have been launch few months ago and since then everything remained as tight.

    Yes I have my new rudder installed and it s work perfecty !

    Its made with core cell and fiberglass/epoxy. A little bit of weight have been add into it but the weight of the rudder stil very light... 70 pounds approx. 

    I havent got any issue with the rudder. And I have to say that its my first experience with a westsail rudder so I cant compare... the rudder stay perfectly centered when not sailing.. and no vibration have been notice under sail or engine. The leading edge of the rudder have been improve from the original. 

    I will post this week new picture of the rudder instaled.



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