Caprail Repairs and Caulking

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  • November 03, 2015 7:16 PM
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    I have worked only on a W32 -- and fixing the leaks in the caprails is a lot of work.  

    I suspect that the "leak when launched" is the result of hull flexing.  Further, I'm not sure that 5200 is your best choice for sealing under the caprail as I recall that it gets hard and therefor brittle and you really don't want to glue down the caprails:) 

    The max work solution is by Dave King and the Clarks... on Konami

    12/12/16 - additions - I've started replacing as needed the caulk under the caprail with epoxy and glass to seal and level off the void under the cap rail -- then reinstalling the caprail.  The life caulk just pealed off after a few years... ie leaked. 

    Here is another approach - not as many images but this is a replacement caprail. 

    John Mendoza on Marsh Duck. did a nice job of taking pictures during his job. 

    Finally, here is images of Pygmalion and Sundowner - this is a removal and reseal with in Pygmalions case SIS440 sealent. I also used life caulk but that broke loose from the fiberglass and leaked again.  

    Also look in the Members Area  > FAQ and fixes for more details. 

    In the end, none of the fixes that I know about and that last are easy jobs - sorry.


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  • November 04, 2015 7:00 AM
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    The leaks may be coming from the stanchions or hawse pipes.  Renew the caulking on them to see if that might be the problem.

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