Any C-Map experts on board?

  • July 11, 2014 6:59 AM
    Message # 3043585
    My current C-Map NT+ card is about 10 years old. Having just purchased a new chart plotter I'm contemplating updating. I'm trying to decide between the C-Map NT+ (which has served me very well) and the new C-Map MAX charts.

    I'm puzzled why both the NT+charts and the MAX charts are the same price ($179). Especially since the Max version has wider coverage and more 'bells & whistles'.  To me it seems like offering a standard model car and a luxury car for the same price.  My first thought is by adding a wider area of coverage and more 'bells & whistles' the MAX version cuts corners elsewhere.

    Otherwise, if the MAX version is so much more feature rich why would anyone even bother with the NT+?   There must be *some* value/benefit of the NT+ versus the MAX version.   Aside from the added features can any one give some hands on insight on the difference in the core charts themselves (if any)?

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