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  • May 04, 2014 3:35 PM
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    I just ripped out a massive, ungimbaled diesel stove from inside a 1976 Westsail 32. I'm putting in a propane system and need a stove. I made the mistake of getting a compact Force10 three-burner, that is clearly too large (depth measure a good 20", which completely fills the stove well). 

    It's clear a two-burner is really appropriate for a W32. What I can't decide now is whether to go with the American standard or compact sized two-burner from Force10. Standard is 16 1/2" depth, and compact is 14 1/2". From eyeballing, seems like you'd need the extra couple inches from the compact, but then I'm not sure how ridiculously (?) small the cooking surface might be.

    In general, I'm not a huge cook, and 95% of the time I suspect I'll just be heating something in a saucepan or making coffee. 

    Anyone a step away from their galley, and maybe tell me if they've got the compact or the standard, and which works best?

    S/V Ayala (currently in Anacortes, WA)
  • May 04, 2014 6:13 PM
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    Deleted user

    Hi Antonio,

    When I asked Dave King to replace Konami's alcohol stove with a propane system I wanted the 3 burner. I'm glad he persuaded me to go smaller.  I have enough room to stand and cook comfortably even as John stands in my way at the Nav station. ;-)

    Konami has the Force 10, 141/2" x 20 1/2"W x 21 1/2" H, and it fits in the opening very well with ample room for gimbaling.  I cook A LOT and often times for several people, no problem. I bake but did have to cut the cookie sheets in half, or you can purchase the small size.  Some of the larger baking pans won't fit, but make do and become a better chef!  

    Oh and just to mention, Dave put our horizontal 20lb propane tank in the cockpit. He built a locker that is 14" wide at the aft end of the cockpit.  It works out great as it enables me see over the dodger and stand forward of the boom gallow while driving the boat.

    Good luck!  ~Diane

  • May 04, 2014 10:32 PM
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    Thanks for the advice. I think two-burner is definitely the way to go. 

    So it looks like you have the American Standard 2-burner Force10 stove. The compact is a bit shorter, with a height of 19" instead of 21-1/4". Do you feel the oven is so cramped, if you reduced it by just over two inches, it would be unusable? According to specs, it goes from 25L to 19L of volume, so about 20% smaller.That's the last choice left here.  

    Note, I don't bake a lot at all, but not sure how life cruising aboard will be, and whether I'll really broil a fish or make bread in there. 

    Cheers, A. 
  • May 05, 2014 7:47 AM
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    I too cook & bake a LOT and am another happy Force 10 American Standard (63251) owner. I replaced my old worn out American Std with a new one and found the oven to be a bit smaller in useable height due to a change in the bottom flame deflector and the addition of a broiler.  I have a 4 qt pot I could put in the old oven with a lid on it but now it won't fit with the lid. No real biggy, I just have to cover it with foil instead.  Small tradeoff for having the new broiler which I love and use all the time.

    Assuming you have a factory boat (or not a kit boat that someone radically departed from the plans) installation wise, height is not a problem and that is what you are sacrificing with the Compact. If you are choosing between the Standard and Compact, no question, go with the Standard. Personally speaking, I don't think you could find a more perfectly sized stove for the W32. Plus it's built like a tank and cleans easily.

    Note to Diane; for those 'large loads' a 1/4 sheet pan "cookie sheet" (the type restaurants use) fits perfectly and can be found at any good kitchen supply store.

    1/4 sheet pan

    I'm still looking for a rectangular '1/4 sheet pan size' pizza stone.  Seems they either make them too big or too small ('toaster oven' size).
  • May 05, 2014 2:06 PM
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    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the advice. 

    This is a kit boat, but I'm pretty sure the owner stuck to the letter of the building manual. I'll do a quick measure for paranoia's sake, then probably go with the standard, since that's what both of you seem to have.

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