• September 11, 2013 12:01 PM
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    Greetings, we are looking for a small (400 watt or less) inverter. Our old inverter was a 180 watt modified sine wave unit that did not work well with our computer. Since it has passed on we want to replace it with a pure sine model. Any recommendations? Thanks, Jeff & Wendy
  • September 11, 2013 7:04 PM
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    In that power range, I would probably recommend a Xantrex Prowatt SW600. It is a 600W unit, but true sine wave. They list for $240, but can be found for as little as $165. A Google search should return plenty of options.

  • September 16, 2013 4:28 PM
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    I originally installed a Xantrex 400 Watt inverter.  It had plenty of output for just charging computers, cell phones, etc. and is a pure sine wave.  I thought it had failed, just like my Xantrex Charger, but after replacing it with a Whistler 800W inverter and a Blue Seas AC source select switch I'm not sure there was anything wrong with it in the first place.  I think the problem was with my GFI outlets in the cabin.  The Whistler's modified sine wave is fine for me and I prefer the higher output. 
    If you're interested in it I can bench test it and let you know.  If it works I'll make you a heck of a deal on it.  If you're coming through the Cocoa area later this year you could pick it up.  Just shoot me an email off the site and we can discuss it.  -Tom Koehl
  • September 22, 2013 2:11 PM
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    Jeff & Wendy,  Jack is right about the great price on the 600W unit from Xantrex.  I paid $485 for my XS400 from Jamestown Distributors.  The biggest difference that I can see is that the XS400 has an isolation transformer built-in to automatically override, or bypass, the inverter off when shore power is plugged in.  With the 600W unit you might want to go with the Blue Seas AC Source selector switch, which is what I did for my new Whistler 800W mod-sine wave unit.  As I recall, you are teachers and use your computers a lot, which makes a pure sine wave unit important.  

    I did a bench test on my Xantrex and it works fine, including the remote control switch.. Apparently, in my never ending quest to prove myself to be a slow learner, I didn't properly reset my GFCI outlets when I last tested them.  I jumped to the conclusion that this was just another Xantrex unit (see my earlier posts about my XC500 charger) that crapped out on me and didn't discover my cleverness until after I had installed the Whistler!  Duh . . . Anyway, I like the 800W output of the Whistler.  It's a simple, cheap unit and I'll just have to see how long it performs.  Tom Koehl
  • September 27, 2013 7:16 PM
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    Run, don't walk from any purchase of Xantrex.  They are toys for boaters and if you ever need asistance  you have to send your unit in. If you're cruising that is next to impossible once you leave the states. There is a Electronics guy in Colombia that does component repair and Xantrex wouldn't even provide him a schematic of their units.  XANTREX products are JUNK. His degree is actually in transistors and with 5 identical Xantrex units needing repair in his shop he couldn't get one to work. None, nada, zip. He tried calling Xantrex and got nowhere.

    Now if you want a good unit look at ExelTech. One cruising friend in the San Blas Islands was struck by lightening. He called ExelTech and told them the story.The Exeltech  said "We don't accept failures of any kind." They sent him a new board on their dime and instruction on how to put it in. 

    If you want to know my feeling about Xantrex just ask. :)
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