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  • July 03, 2020 4:21 AM
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    Hi All,

    I'm new member here and wondered if I could get a few opinions on the following please?

    I am looking to purchase a Westasil 32 but I've a concern with the condition of the deck core. The boat has had a new mast fitted. I wondered if anyone had thoughts on a few pictures I took and to the likely condition of the deck core and whether this is an example of a serious/moderate or light example of deck core rot. Is it likely to have migrated through the core or localised indicated by the compression only under the mast area (or is drilling and moisture reading the only way to tell?)

    Deflection seems to be mostly around the mast step on the deck. The cabin beam under the mast is compressed into the compression post. The beam is bolted to the bulkhead. A new pad is installed under the mast.

    There is evidence in other areas of the cabin of fresh water ingress but not excessive.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • July 12, 2020 11:15 AM
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    Hello Cian,  Welcome.  Sorry for this long delay.  Sometimes life can interfere with things. I see 2 issues here.  They are separate.  1) The cross beam crushing:   Please see Bryon Craig's thread on this issue titled "Mast Beam Crushing".  It will be very informative,  This fix is doable with the hardest part being the removal and re-installation of the headliner.  Also, this is best done with the mast down.    2) The deck deflection:  I don't know the reason for this on your boat.  I have seen this exact condition on other boats.  I could not live with it and would have to correct it but it will require "seriousness" and skill.  But it is quite doable.  Whether rotted or not in that area, it should not have deflected.  Obviously the deck is not supported underneath in that area except by the mast support cross piece.  A good, and strong cross piece, as shown by Bryon Craig, should prevent that from ever happening.  Most likely, just jacking it up and adding a new cross piece will not work.  I don't know and would have to inspect it and investigate with at least one core sample.   

    A new cross piece and perhaps a mast support beam should be made first to help establish the correct curve of the cabin top.  Almost certainly, the deck skin will need replacing in order to conform to the new, proper, shape.  it is 1/4" thick.   There is so much more to say but this is not really the place to do it.   Where is the boat?  Let us know your progress.   Good luck,     Dave

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