W32 Stainless Steel Gudgeons & Pintles Fabricator (Anyone Interested?)

  • August 06, 2022 12:01 PM
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    I have been searching for a metal fabricator who could tackle the manufacture of stainless steel gudgeons and pintles for the early 32's prior to the company design change to fiberglass types.

    I've found a metal fab company in Stockton with a long history of serving metal fab needs for the local farming and manufacturing businesses. Stockton Tri Industries is a family run business with 46 years of serving the San Joaquin Valley.

    Luis Leon, STI's Fab. engineer has given me the following quote, based on drawings provided by Bud, and a sample set of gudgoens and pintles provided by Jim Harrison.

    The pricing is based on using T316 Stainless Steel and there are discounts for volume orders...The pricing is for gudgeons, but Mr. Leon told me that the pintles will basically be the same with just some additional minor material costs for the pins and associated hardware.

    Presently (Aug.6) only Jim Harrison and myself are ready to place an order.

    If anyone else would like to order a set, we could all benefit from the volume pricing.

    I'll hold on placing the order for a few days to give you all time to contemplate....

    I want to thank Jim Harrison (sample hardware), Jay Bietz (middle man making it happen assistance), and of course, Bud Taplin (wisdom, advice, and documentation) that enabled me to get this quote lined up.


    Ed Koops - S/V Glorious - W32 #42

    Quote From Stockton Tri Industries:

    We can make (2) sets (6 each) of Gudgeons for:

    $2,600.00 plus applicable sales tax ($1,300.00 per set)


    T316 Stainless Steel

    Formed Bar ¼” x 2” with holes, with welded bar and bushing per samples.

    @ 2 Week Lead Time


    (4) Sets of Gudgeons for:

    $1,250.00 per set (plus applicable sales tax)


    (6) or more Sets of Gudgeons for:

    $1,150. Per set (plus applicable sales tax)



    Luis F. Leon

    Project Engineer

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