Sail on a 100' brigantine "Eye of the Wind" with Bud Taplin and crew

  • July 14, 2022 9:53 AM
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    Bud asked me to post the following. Images below. 

    Jay and Mike

    I am organizing a cruise and I would appreciate your posting it on the WOA website and on the Westsail Facebook site.  Below are pictures from my trip on the boat, and some from the website of the ship

    I am organizing a two week cruise, not on a Westsail, but on a 100’ brigantine.  The ship is The Eye of the Wind, on which I previously made the similar trip in 2017.  The ship only has six two berth staterooms, with head and shower, so only twelve passengers, but lots of crew.   The ship has a captain and crew so the guests can help sail the boat, stand watch, steer, haul and furl sails, or relax and watch it being done.  Three meals a day plus non-alcoholic beverages, however there is a liquor locker available to have cocktails at a reasonable cost. 

    This trip is an 11 day sail from Tortola, BVI to Bermuda over the famous Bermuda triangle.  The shore time in Tortola before the start and the time in Bermuda at the end is up to you.  The 11 day cruise cost is $2,040 per person for the trip. Shore time is up to you.  I have lots of frequent flyer miles on Southwest, plus I can get discounted airfare on American Airlines, so flying to and from the trip would not be too expensive.

    I would like to book the whole six cabins with Westsailors, but I am looking for someone to accompany me in a stateroom, otherwise I am going alone.  If you are a couple and want to book another stateroom, it can be arranged.  The 11 day cruise itself is from February 25, 2023 to March 7, 2023.  The reservations usually sell out long before the trip dates, so that’s why I am booking now.  Hopefully we can book the entire six staterooms with Westsailor, and we will hoist aloft the Westsail banner.

    Please contact me if you are interested, but do it soon.  Terry and I talked about the cruise we made at some rendezvous we attended after our trip, and some of the Westsailors said they wished they had known about it as they also would have signed up.  So now’s the time, and you snooze, you lose.

    "Eye of the Wind" in a regatta

    The crew and guests at the end of the trip

    A typical stateroom with 2 berths and head with shower

    In the dining room and library

    Bud hauling sail and Terry flaking

    On the helm

    Under sail all the way in fair weather

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  • July 15, 2022 11:47 AM
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    Update - Bud is saying that 5 of the staterooms are reserved for westsailors and that there is one double berth staterooms available. 


  • July 22, 2022 4:23 PM
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    One of the Westsailors that said he wanted to make the trip has backed off, so there is still at least one, or possibly two, cabins still available as of July 22.  Four cabins are booked by Westsailors.

  • August 04, 2022 4:09 PM
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    All six cabins are now booked with Westsailors.  However there is still one space left, to share a cabin with me.  The person that first said he wanted to go and share a cabin with me had to drop out, so I am still looking for a room mate.

    It's going to be a great trip.  

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