My 90th birthday party

  • March 12, 2022 4:44 PM
    Message # 12659328

    I want to give a great big thank you to the 60 or so friends and family that came to my 90th  birthday party on March 5th.  There were three of the boat builders and wives who worked for me at Westsail and in my own Worldcruiser yard, sixteen Westsail owners and ex-owners and wives, three of my suppliers of parts that i sell, and a host of family and friends.  I had a great time, and I think everyone else did also.  Lots of libations and snack food, pictures of the boats, stories and memories of past good and some bad times, and all in all a great time.

    I also want to thank the many Westsail owners that have sent me greetings. I appreciate for my devoting so much time and energy to keep the Westsail fleet going.

    I do hope to be around for a few more years.

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