2014 New England Restaurant Rendezvous

  • September 23, 2014
  • 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM (EDT)
  • New London, Connecticut


The  2014  New England  &  Downeast 


 Restaurant  Rendezvous

Tuesday afternoon and evening ~ September 23, 2014

at Captain Scotts Lobster Dock, 80 Hamilton Street, New London, Connecticut, in Shaws Cove

 For information and reservations contact our hosts: 

Mick Swain, W32 #56 PITIFUL PEARL  by email at  amswain3@snet.net

   or by phone at 860-767-2001

Skip Shepherd, W32 #365 GENESIS  by email at  skip1shep@gmail.com

   or by phone at 727-365-0943

Welcome!   All Westsails, Westsailors and those who wannabe.  Bring your boat or just yourself.

We hope that several Westsails can make it to this magnificent harbor here in Shaws Cove, New London.  We have arranged with the harbormaster for moorings, and also with the local marina for guest slips.  Information on the other side of this flyer.

If anyone cannot bring their boat, no problem; get in your car and drive to the rendezvous.  Driving directions are on the other side of this flyer.

We would like to have an idea of attendance as soon as possible so we can reserve space in the restaurant, moorings, and dock space as needed.  For those bringing their boat, the contact information is on the other side of this flyer. 

Bud Taplin of Westsail Parts Co. is planning to attend this rendezvous since he will be on the East Coast during this week between the Chesapeake and Texas rendezvous.  He will be driving up from the Chesapeake on Sunday and Monday, and not leaving for Texas until Thursday.  He can be reached while on the road on his cell phone at 714-200-9331.  If you bring your boat, Bud will give his infamous two-beer surveys, as he prowls the boats with ideas and insults galore…!!!  He may even give out some information between drinks at the restaurant. 

We will have some of the Westsail Owners Association paraphernalia available for sale, t-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.

Please LET ONE OF US KNOW as soon as possible if you are bringing a boat, as we need to contact the Dockmaster.  We need to tell them about how many boats will be coming to save the moorings or the slips. 

I hope this will become one of the most memorable rendezvous for years to come.

The directions if you are bringing your boat:

Located in Shaws cove, on the Thames River, directly opposite Electric Boat, (where they build the submarines).   There are moorings for rent right next to the entrance to Shaws Cove.

These are owned by the City of New London. They cost $ 35.00 per night, which includes a dingy dock, laundry and showers.  If we get 10 or more boats to use them, they will give a 10% discount.  The moorings are next to Capt. Scotts.  Contact info: New London Dockmaster: Barbara Neff: 860-443-3786,  e-mail: bj@neffproductions.com

For those that want a slip at a marina; next to Capt. Scotts restaurant is Crockers Boatyard, with floating docks,  at $ 2.35 per ft.; contact David @ 860-443-6304.


The directions if you are driving from I-95 south

  1) Take exit 83 towards CT 32 N Norwich/Downtown , New London

  2) Merge on to I-95 Frontage Road  0.2

  3) Continue to Huntington Street  0.7

  4) Take right onto Jay Street 0.2

  5) Continue onto Truman Street 0.1

  6) Take left onto Blinman Street 0.1

  7) Continue onto Howard Street 0.3

  8) Left onto Hamilton Street 0.2


The directions if you are driving from I-95 North ( Providence)

  1) Take exit 84S for Conn 32 Norwich/Downtown New London

  2) Take exit 84S on left toward Downtown New London 0.2

  3 )Merge onto Eugene Oneill Drive 1.2

  4) Continue onto Green Street 500 feet

  5) Left onto Tilley Street  300 feet

  6 )Right onto Bank Street  0.2

  7) Left onto Howard Street 0.3

  8) Left onto Hamilton Street 0.2

The more boats, owners/crews and wanabees the better.  See you there at Captain Scotts Lobster Dock restaurant !

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