Tiller control autopilots

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  • December 24, 2018 12:21 PM
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    Deleted user

    I wonder if there is service in places like Polynesia.  Guess I'll check their web site.  I'm in the market also 

  • December 26, 2018 10:14 AM
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    Hi, I haven't used the smaller actuator for the Monitor. I have a friend with a Crealock 37 that uses it successfully. Cheers, Randy 

  • November 14, 2020 5:07 PM
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    I just ordered a Pelagic and will update with pictures after I get it installed. I talked with Mike when ordering, and he said the smaller of the 2 units they offer (At around $900 w/shipping) would be suitable for most conditions. I don't see myself utilizing an autopilot above 25-30kts for a while with this Heavy Tiller, but the build of this system is just so much more robust than the other brands it seems very worth it!

  • January 20, 2022 6:47 AM
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    Hello all.

    I am shopping for a Tiller Autopilot for my Westsail 32.

    All advise would be appreciated. What is the strongest most suitable for heavy Atlantic weather sailing single handed.



  • January 20, 2022 9:32 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)


    I think the mentioned autopilots in this topic are a good sampling of the available products. 

    I installed the Pelagic standard duty unit and have found it works as expected. It will NOT swing the tiller far enough to tack as installed -- the throw of the arm isn't long enough among other constraints ie space to install the ram further aft. 

    I've just installed the firmware R65 and intend to test in this spring. Please contact Pelagic for the current firmware version - below are links to the pdf included in the release. 

    I also use the remote to change course which is very handy.

    If you wish to have your auto pilot follow a course from a chart plotter the choices of autopilots will not include the Pelagic.  I can't comment on the others mentioned above. 


    Jay Bietz

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  • January 20, 2022 2:41 PM
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    Thanks a Million Jay.

    Fantastic information and a winner for me. I hope to order a Palegic soon.

    I looked at your photos's. Super condition of your boat. I already see some idea's for mine.

    I note the bracket you have to hold the Palegic unit to the hull. I am guessing you had that made on off. 

    Best wishes from Ireland.


  • January 21, 2022 10:20 AM
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    Ahh you noticed -- I had to scrounge that mounting bracket in a marine consignment store  then used JB Weld epoxy to secure the bushing that comes with the Pelagic.  

    The bracket on the tiller - was also salvaged with JB Weld for more support. 

    It's important that the "play" on either end is minimized. Also the control head needs to be firmly affixed to sense the motion of the boat -- not the motion of the control head when bumped. 

    There is also several settings to control sensitivity that will need to be adjusted. 

    Link to a Google Album

    Westsail Fixes & FAQ - for full members - and area where there are lots of boat fixes...


    Jay Bietz

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  • January 24, 2022 4:43 PM
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    Here is another method of attaching the outboard end of the tillerpilot

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  • May 02, 2022 5:42 PM
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    Pelagic has released version 4.1.3.R66 for their controller. Email Support at support@scanmar.zohodesk.com

    The firmware update procedure works as documented but one issue at least on my 2019 model is that you need a USB A to USB mini B cable that is attached to a Windows or Mac.

    Pelagic 4.1.3 R66 manual

    I've added a link to a video of the AP at work on a windy day on the SF Bay. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gyNfhqzr8uyBcUEW9

    I've attached another way to attach the ram - I don't know how this works.



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  • June 23, 2022 2:52 PM
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    Brian and Mike from Scanmar spent an hour or so with me on Pygmalion W32 .

    I was having issues with the boat wondering off course and not recovering back to the course. Brian calibrated the controller and we tested it successfully.

    Brian also mentioned that my installation of the actuator arm should be moved closer to the rudder by about 1/2 the distance of my current installation as seen below.

    The issues for me is that the standard actuator (rated at 50 lbs) maybe over stressed if moved further aft. Apparently most Westsailors are purchasing the heavy duty actuator rated at 750 lbs.

    If the actuator is moved back then the ability to tack the boat would be enhanced and since the actuator can now move the rudder further I would have quicker tacks and better course control. 

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