Westsail the World - Selected and Edited by Bud Taplin

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    I have changed the pricing on the book.  $24.95 and free shipping in the US.  Additional shipping charge for Canada or overseas.  I have lots of books in stock.  You can mail a check, or use a credit card or PayPal, your choice.  Send me your mailing address.

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    “Westsail the World” 

    book now available for sale

    Why a Westsail

    To Pioneer the Oceans

    To Live aboard the Sea

    To Weather the Storm

    To Reward Yourself

    To Get to Know Your Family

    To Live a Different Kind of Life

    No Matter What you Earn

    To Join the Westsail Family

    Powerful words that brought a new type of cruising sailboat to market in the early 1970s.  For years it had been understood that sailboats were more an emotional purchase than a rational one.  Yet most companies advertised facts, specifications and so forth, presuming that sailboat buyers were knowledgeable enough to translate specifications into what fulfilled their dreams.

    Westsail made no such presumption and became the first company to put the facts about their boats and the emotional appeal of sailing together in sweet harmony.  And boy, did they make a success of the concept.  Over 1100 cruising sailboats were delivered in less than ten years.

    The stories in this book of the history of the company, the owners association, owners building, cruising, racing, and even sailing mishaps were collected and edited by Bud Taplin because of his long history with Westsail boats, beginning in 1972 when he was hired to supervise the construction of the first four Westsail 32 sailboats for the newly formed Westsail Corporation. 

    Proceeds from the sale of this book are being contributed to help maintain the Westsail Owners Association.

    Books are now available for $25.00 plus $3.00 mailing in the US or a total of $28.00.   Contact Bud at bud@westsail.com or 714-549-9331 or the Westsail Parts Co 898 W. 16th St. Newport Beach, CA 92663. 

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    The manuscript is at the publishers now, so the ship has sailed.  It should be a few weeks for them to arrange it for publishing, then send it to me to proof read.  Hope to have it ready by the end of March..

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    I am still in the process of collecting and editing stories, so if any of you have a good story, send it to me, along with a picture that goes along with the story.  Most of the stories are abut two or three pages long, or about 1000 or so words, but they can be shorter or longer movie review.

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    Well, it is now January 31, 2016 and I have 60 stories for the book, so I plan to contact the publisher next week and start the process of arranging the book for publication.  So if any of you owners were thinking about including your almost true sea story, you better get in contact with me right away, because once it is set up for publishing, the ship has left the dock.

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    I am still in the process of collecting and editing stories, so if any of you have a good story, send it to me, along with a picture that goes along with the story.  Most of the stories are abut two or three pages long, or about 1000 or so words, but they can be shorter or longer.

    I want to get the book published in the spring, so it is available at all the rendezvous next year.

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    This topic is for information and questions about the soon to be published book. 

    (the following is a rough outline - there is more work to be done. ) 

    Westsail the World



    Author’s Note


    Prose by Bill Crealock

    Drawings and Pictures of the Westsail Boats

    Westsail History

      A Little Westsail History
      100 Years New - Westsail
      Weaving the Dream

     Why a Westsail

      Cruising, the Good Life Afloat
      A Search for the Boat of Our Dreams
      Dreamers, Wannabies, and Doers
      Sail Far and Live Slowly
      Selling a Westsail; Selling a Dream
      Are These Boats Worth It

    Owners Association

      Start of the Westsail Owners Association
      Westsail Owners Association
      Westsail Rendezvous
      Two Boats and a Six-pack 
      Westsail Greeter

    Owners Boatbuilding

      To Build a Boat
      A Shipyard Heist
      What Did I Get Myself Into
      The Sea, the CIA, the Westsail 32, and Me  
      Sail a Westsail 32 Ketch for Thrills
      Walking the Docks Can Change Your Life
      Going Nowhere. The Story of Tahara, a Westsail 32
      Small World Refit 
      The Resin Crunch of 1973

    Maintaining a Westsail

      Maintaining a Westsail  
      Spring Outfitting
      Sea Trials

    Cruising Stories 

      Westsail, Kids and Cruising
      What We Didn’t Have
      A Great Lunch – A Good Dunking
      My First Singlehanded Offshore Passage
      Night Passage, Abacos, Little Harbor, Nassau, Bahamas
      Baja Bash;  A Wonderful Memory of Mexico  
      A Close Encounter
      Getting to Know a Westsail 42 Named Elan  
      A Crew’s Perspective
      Night Sailing - Fantasy – Space Pilot
      An Interesting Day at Anchor
      Recollections of a Cruise on the Canals of France


      Westsails through the Eyes of a Single-Handed Offshore Racer
      Recollections of 1988 Hawaii Race
      A Cruiser Racing a Westsail
      Tortuga Across the Pacific 

    The Perfect Storm

      True Story of Satori and The Perfect Storm
      Making of The Perfect Storm Movie

    Sailing Mishaps

      Survival Stories
      Dragging a W32 up a Dirt Road
      Pilot's Demise
      Capsize in the Southern Ocean
      On the Rocks
      Why You Don’t Tow a Dinghy 
      A Decision to Reluctantly Abandon Ship

    Memories and Emotions

      A Ships Departure  
      Reality Smack in the Face
      Message in a Bottle
      Happiness is Being Aboard my Westsail


      Tribute to Paula
      Mr. Westsail


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