Another soon to be owner of a WS32

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  • December 28, 2012 1:05 PM
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    Deleted user
    Thank you all for ur best wishes...the survey went well and we are just finishing up escrow.  Now we are in the market for a slip....any suggestions for the SF bay area?
  • December 28, 2012 3:21 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SF Bay slips -- I would say that now is as good time as any to change slips.  Each marina has it's good and not so good points - important to consider all the options. Like:

    1.  time/distance from home.
    2.  Conditions of the marina slip/docks/parking/shower/bathrooms and the management rules.  What kind of work do they NOT allow in your slip? Is there a boat yard close by? Can you overnight in your boat a few nights per week at least w/o becoming a live aboard? Security? Pumpout for black water?
    3.  If you are planning a lot of boat rework - a source of marine parts / supplies close to your slip will save you lots of time. Seems that I'm always short a screw/nut etc to finish up the project.

    Yesterday, someone was taking their boat from the Svendsen's work slips in Alameda Marina to his Emeryville slip - it was nice and sunny with a light wind - and he commented that it is foggy and cold much of the time the Emeryville area. 

    I also have the Svendsen's warehouse and chandlery within a short walk - plus Svendsen's Boat yard, Blue Pelican Consignment shop, fuel at Jack London Square etc.  Security is  card controlled gates along Clement Avenue and the marina is fully side fenced - so you don't have to go through dock gates all the time between your car and the boat- and they have a night watch/patrol guard.

    The down side is that I'm 1 hour motor  to the entrance of the esturay and 2 hours from home... there isn't a lot of "fancy" stores or yacht clubs w/o a long walk or short drive.

    I have been to a few other Marina's in the SF Bay -

    San Leandro - always open slips - 2 mile channel to the south bay - SLYC nice folks - we use the Marina for our Rondy.. 3 hours from end of channel to the Bay Bridge - assuming your aren't fighting opposite currents

    Petaluma Marina - nice marina - but long way up the Petaluma river - must motor hours to reach north bay and more hours in a channel to get deeper water - great for a weekend event and power boats.

    Clipper Yacht Harbor - big - lots of boats -fuel on the water - big shower/bathroom quite a walk from our rented slip - West Marine close by - windy when we were there all night long.

    Pier 39 - Close to SF and the central bay - can be cold and surgy - Randy Leasure would be a good contact  - no parking close by. 

    Brick Yard Cove - must drive through Richmond for access - surrounded by private homes with docks - near the central bay and Angel Island. Quite nice really. 

    I hope others in the SF Bay chime in with their observations.


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  • December 28, 2012 6:38 PM
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    Jay has it well covered.  We've moved our boat around over the years. I won't cover what Jay has except to say that our least favorite was up the estuary were Jay is because of the hour run to get to the bay to sail. 

    We've stayed at Marina Bay off and on over the years.  We were always satisfied and would consider it again.  Nice docks and boat yards near by.  They also have live aboard slips. Staying on the boat was never a problem. Good bay access.

    We are now at Emery Cove.  It's nice and they have live aboard slips available. the closest Yard is probably Berkeley. It's the easiest to get to as like Jay, we live 80 miles away.  We'd come back here even though we just had our outboard stolen.  I don't fault the Marina as there has been a rash of outboards stolen in the Bay area.  There're restriction on staying aboard, but aren't to restrictive.  I think they would like to get the live aboard fee, but will work around it if you don't abuse it.

    Half Moon Bay is our favorite and we stayed for five years. Didn't matter how long we stayed on the boat or what work we did. Unfortunately there is no where close for marine supplies.  it is a working harbor and the ambiance was great.  It got to be to far of a drive every weekend. 

    While not on the Bay we've kept the boat at Stockton Sailing Club for most of the last ten years when working on it as it's only twenty minutes from home.  It's also the cheapest, about $260/month with club dues.  There is a West Marine nearby and a boat yard that allows do-it-yourself work.  It's where four of us did the Dave King modifications.  It's a great location for gunk-holing the Delta, but few places to sail a Westsail.  We'll be returning this spring to finish getting the boat ready for our next cruise.


  • December 29, 2012 3:15 PM
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    Deleted user

    I'm berthed at Alameda Marina.  Was in a downwind and sometimes downtide at Berkely Marina slip.  The wind does make a difference in a narrow fairway with a full keeled vessel  If you don't mind an interesting estuary run of about an hour, Alameda marina's great.  Dockmaster and assistant dockmaster are very knowledgeable friendly guys, the chandlery is right there, and Alameda itself is superb.  Clean hot showers, plenty of parking, and fair prices.  And new boat owners get a 90 day  discount  window at the chandlery if you register with them.


  • December 30, 2012 8:08 AM
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    Skip:  Pygmalion is in Slip #209 - I'll be working on board 12/31 and maybe 1/1 - drop by if you can.


  • January 11, 2013 4:56 PM
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    Deleted user

    Thank you for all ur advice, and best wishes...I just wanted to share w/you all that we have purchased, "Husky" (soon to be Dulcinea) and will berth her at Marina Bay slip 244.  If any one would like to drop by and say, "Hi", you would be welcome! 

    Brett: sounds good - and be sure your member profile includes the Fleet designation and you will be on the invitation list for the October 4 - 6 Rendezvous in San Leandro.

    I plan to be on the bay tomorrow - singlehanding... Channel 16 Pygmalion is the call.


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