Wind Generator placement

  • June 02, 2014 5:20 PM
    Message # 1559689
    Deleted user
    Kia Ora all,
               Paul and I have purchased a wind generator and we have some ideas for mounting it on Kabuki, I was wondering what others have done? 
    I had a look through the picasa web album of cockpit and stern setups, and there were a few photos there, but not very clear ones. We also met up with Westsail Sapphire 2 and had a look at his set up, but his generator got in the way at haul out (travel lift). Are there any other photo's, links on the forum etc about installing a wind generator.

    Kabuki has the wooden bumkin, with a stainless pushpit, there was a radar mounted on the end on the bumkin when we purchased her, but we removed it as it interfered with the wind vane self steering. 


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