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Created on: August 04, 2013
  • 2013 building 20lb propane tank holder
  • made from 1"aluminum angle
  • 1st fitting. cut & bent at 90D.
  • 11/2" strapping & brace's. riveted and bolted.
  • just about completed.
  • re fit.Final cuts fitting will be done at boat.
  • will fit ss stern pulpit&boom-kin that was purchased from Bud.A great piece of equipment.
  • my new all ss bbq. I bought at costco for $119.00. Anything close to that size in marine store is over $400. & don't have to separate burner's & other options. did some changes for mounting
  • all mounted up. a few minor things to do.It works great.
  • my cost was $65.00 not including my labour.Any marine ss holder runs around $200.that would have to custimized anyway.
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