W32 Dave King hull modification sailing experience

  • April 28, 2012 19:03
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    Last May we hauled out and Dave was kind enough to come down to Brookings to do the modifications with help from Lee. We also installed a Max-prop while the boat was out of the water and the bottom was painted. I noticed the boat "coasts" much further when in neutral in the marina and at sea under sail.

    Fast forward to last weekend. I showed up for the local yacht club race at the appointed time and was disappointed to learn that there were only 2 of us that were ready to go... this is bad news because 3 boats are needed (rules) in order to have a race. Since we were already out there, the other boat (a Ranger 33) and I decided to sail to the Point St George lighthouse - about 12 miles across the bay.
    His sail configuration was full main with a laminate headsail ..either a number 1 or genoa.
    We had full main and staysail with a 177sq foot yankee on the furler. I had the asymmetrical on the deck ready to hoist if there was going to be a race but since it was not a "formal" race I put the sail away about 10 minutes after hoisting all the other sails. There was about 8 - 10 knots of wind at about 60 degrees apparent to start with and it gusted up and down to about 12-13-14 knots moving from 60 apparent to about 100 apparent.

    The Westsail overtook the Ranger and settled in like only a Westsail 32 can. The tillerpilot was steering and after trimming the sails a bit I sat down and was talking to the other two guys on the boat. About 10 minutes later I realized that the Ranger was not catching up or overtaking us like I thought it might. The owner/skipper of the boat is a very good sailor. I am not. I figured he was just being nice and pretty soon he would blow by.
    It never happened. 
    I watched him a bit and he was trying.
    After 9 miles he said he was going back to the marina. He did draw even at the end but we were not trying.

    I'm still smiling.

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  • April 29, 2012 17:11
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    Sure makes me want to do the mod, if I can find the time

  • April 29, 2012 17:20
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    Can any of you who made this change enlighten me to the costs of the modification?  Other than time, what does it cost I mean?  I have a project W32 which I am pondering to make this modification before I seal it and paint.  I have all summer, but not unlimited funding. 



  • April 30, 2012 06:31
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    Tyler, the foam is closed cell and comes in sheets. I am guessing, but probably around $400.

    It is well worth the effort.
  • April 30, 2012 07:39
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    A further edit. The base PHRF rating of the Ranger 33 is 153. The same organization has the PHRF of the W32 at 222.
    Yesterday I ran into a person who was on the Ranger ...he kept congratulating me on "my performance" I tried to tell him that we didnt do anything except trim the sails initially and the tillerpilot was steering. He also said that we would never race on that point of sail again. I guess he meant when we actually do have a race... hahahahaha.
    I also got the following e-mail from the skipper of the Ranger 33 yesterday.

    "Carol mentioned you had a Westsail expert (Dave King) do some extensive
    modifications to your stern.  Do you have his email so I can talk with
    him about how it should be reflected in your PHRF rating?  Thanks!"

    Carol is a Westsail 32 owner.
  • April 30, 2012 09:17
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    Thanks Gary.  My hull is more or less bare, so doing this modification will be easier now rather than in the future.


  • April 30, 2012 18:12
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    We and Amable have @ one more week in the yard and then I can give you an average cost of what it takes.  Materials looks like they are going to cost about $500-600.  Our yard bill right now including haul-out, sand blasting, launch and lay days ($16 a day)is about $2,000.00.  I think it also includes bottom paint.  We've been out 5 weeks so far due to re-doing a Mexican blister job. It takes Dave about 8 days to do one, but I would figure on at least two weeks to do it right.  It's not real hard to do but it's time consuming.

    Randy/Tortuga launched last Monday and Doug/Pelican launched today.  Two down and two to go.

  • June 02, 2012 10:45
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    any photos of the hull modification????
  • June 03, 2012 07:26
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Don: here are a few -with a few more coming. 

  • June 03, 2012 21:17
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    Sorry, we're holding Jay up.  Julie has promised Jay the rest of the photos and she will get them to him the next few days.

    I don't want say to much for the others, but Randy (Tortuga) has said he noticed some improvement on the top end and a lot on the lower end.  I haven't spoken to Doug (Pelican) but will soon. Duke (Amable) and we (Worldwind) probable won't do any sailing until late June or early July.  We're busy trying to get the boat and house ready for another cruise.  We have noticed quite a difference entering the slip.  When we enter our fairway we put the boat in neutral and would have to nudge it before our slip. Now it coasts all the way and we have to use reverse to slow it down to enter the slip.  Our intention is not to race but for the boat to sail as well as it possibly can.  We had to motor a lot more in Mexico because of light air than we ever thought we would.  With our light air sails and fair bottom we're certain that will change.       

    What an experience!  It was a month long rendezvous/work party.  We had great camaraderie and everyone had a great time, though it was a lot of work.  Spending a month with Dave King was like spending a month at a university level sailing class, we all learned a lot and Dave is a true craftsman   Even a friend from the club who is quite knowledgeable said he looked forward to talking to Dave as he always learned so much.

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