Three Bridge Fiasco 2014

  • February 04, 2014 18:51
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     Ahoy! There were two Westsail 32's in the 2014 Three Bridge Fiasco race last weekend in San Francisco bay. The idea behind the race is to round all 3 major bridges in the bay in any order to complete it. There were over 350 boats that showed up for the race! The race lived up to it's name with the wind shutting down a few hours after the start and with the max ebb hitting just a few hours after start too it was a fiasco for sure! There was only one boat that actually finished. Tortuga and I retired when we started drifting back towards the gg bridge and folks were throwing out their anchors to stop the drift. 

    Here is a a pix of W32 Cape Farewell (see last image)  fighting the good fight against the ebb as well as one of Tortuga. 



    Randy Leasure 

    W32 Tortuga (below)


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  • February 07, 2014 18:42
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    Ahoy Randy ,   Are both of those headsails new?  Who made them ?  They look good.
  • February 09, 2014 15:06
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    Yes, they are both just about a year old and were made by Kern.
    I'm happy with the cut and performance. 

    W32 Tortuga
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