2013 Three Bridge Fiasco - Race this weekend - 356 signed up.

  • January 25, 2013 16:41
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    Tortuga - Randy Leasure and Cape Farewell - Mike Carnall and 354 other boats are signed up for the race starting at 9:00 AM Saturday 1/26/13.  

    The winds on the SF Bay in the winter can be 0 all day long - unless a storm is moving through  - and you have to finish by 7:00 PM or you are eliminated.

    "The three course marks are YRA 16 ("Blackaller", yellow cylinder "C" 0.2 nm east of Fort Point), Red Rock, and Yerba Buena Island. Boats shall round all three marks, in any order and in either direction." for the full version

    Note the last line -- anything for winter excitment on the water! 

    Randy via email:

    well it's official, the Singlehanded Sailing Society's three bridge fiasco is now the largest sailboat race in north america with 356 boats entered for tomorrow!

    there are two Westsail 32's in the race, Tortuga and Cape Farewell. the race is typically light air, so if that is the case tomorrow, odds are that neither of us will finish before the 7pm cutoff. but we shall see! the wind reports now look like there could be some!

    i think i'm more nervous about the starting line tomorrow than i was about sailing to kauai last year!  :)

    with light winds and an almost 3 knot flood at the start, well, let's just say everyone was told to bring plenty of fenders!

    wish us luck!


  • January 27, 2013 19:50
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    Well?! How did it go?
  • January 29, 2013 06:06
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    Feb 13 the official results will be released at a meeting - Randy tells me that the wind was up and he completed the course in ~ 6.5 hours -- he went clockwise  - didn't see the other Westsail all day as she went counter clockwise.  
    There was plenty of wind - 20K range!!
    Many times in this race most of the fleet doesn't finish in time or drops out due to the lack of wind... 
    Here is a link to the preliminary results. I don't see the corrected times yet ...
    Cape Farewell did not finish..

    Norcalsailing.com posted this image of Tortuga at the start of the race. 

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