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    Here is how you post images to a forum topic with a PC MS Vista/XP/Win 7 and MS IE.  Note that not all Windows based internet browsers allow you to resize the images.  7/21/13 Only MS IE will allow resizing of the images after a paste. djb

    Here I open my Picasa web site (or other web site url) and selected the image in a full sized view, right clicked on the image and choose copy then went back to the WOA topic message body and right click and choose paste.   (In short, you are pasting the photo's link from one web site to this web site)

    To use your WOA photo Album,  from the lower left menu under your login name select View Profile > Member Photo Albums > Select your album to view all the images you have uploaded -- right click on your image and choose copy

    Move to the forum and your topic and while editing in the body of the topice right click and choose paste.  When your image is selected in the topic use the corner boxes to resize to fit.

    Hint: I found that opening two tabs one to the forum and one to your photo album made it easier to repeat the image posting.

      From my WOA photo album of Pygmalion's aft keel, rudder and fin...

    Hope this helps.

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    What Jay said is correct.  However, I think some WOA members are still having trouble.  I think their trouble is that COPY/PASTE does not work here in forum posts, unless the COPY source is the WOA member album.  Try the more specific procedure below. 

    My procedure is clunky but it works.  This forum software is not very easy to use.  My procedure may not be the only one that works.  I have a MS Windows machine, I know nothing about Macs.

    1. Make sure you are logged in to using your email and password.

    2. Open two browser windows (or two tabs, same thing). 

    3. In window 1 navigate to the WOA forum you want to create a post in.  Click CREATE TOPIC.    The edit pane should open to allow you to type your text.

    4. In window 2, open, then click on VIEW PROFILE on the lower left.  Your profile page will appear.  There you can change your address or other personal information.  Click MEMBER PHOTO ALBUMS near the top of the page.   There you can click on ADD ALBUM or click on an existing album.  You should then see a button UPLOAD PHOTOS.  Click on that to upload one or more photos to the WOA site.

    5. Now, still in window 2, looking at your album of photos, choose a photo and double click on the thumbnail  it so that it appears large.  Right right click on that.  A pop up menu appears.  Choose COPY IMAGE.   (if you would rather put it in your post as thumbnail side, right click on the thumbnail instead  .)

    6. Return to window 1, move the cursor to the place in your post where you want the picture to go and press CTRL-C to paste the picture in at that place.  I just tried it with the rainbow picture below.  (There is no feature to change the size of a photo after paste.  Again, the forum software is clunky.)

    7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 again for each additional photo.

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    Thanks to Jack Webb for the following. 
        This is a very long post to explain a relatively simple process... simple, once you know it. It was longer than need be, because the audience is quite varied, and with different levels of computer savy. If you consider yourself to be fairly computer literate, you can probably jump right to "THE QUICK AND DIRTY". Even so, it would probably benefit you to understand WHY there is an issue with posting images in the editor. Before you start, you might want to go get a cup of coffee!

    There are a few ways to post an image, with various browsers, and on both the Windows or Mac platform. To list them all, would probably become confusing, so I'll stick stick a way that I find to be the easiest for me. The Mac I use most frequently is a 17" MacBook Pro. It gives me a bit more screen area than most Mac laptops, but hopefully it will work for you as well.


    As you probably know, Wild Apricot does not provide a way for users to upload images within the actual forum. Instead, you must first place your image on an image hosting site (such as Picasa, Google, Flicker, etc). When you then insert the image into the post, you are not actually uploading the image to the forum, but simply making a reference to the original photo's location on the image hosting site. This method is good for Wild Apricot, as it limits the bandwidth and storage requirements, and in most cases results in an acceptable method of displaying an image in a post. Due to the rather unorthodox techniques used by Wild Apriot's forum editor, however, the actual process of inserting the image is very inconsistent, with dependencies on the computer's operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.) and on the Web browser used (Internet Exploder, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

    The forum software uses "BonaPage Editor" utilities, which appear to be written almost expressly for the Microsoft Internet Exploder Web browser on Windows, basically ignoring that there are about a dozen major Web browsers today, as well as other computer platforms. For the most part, the forum doesn't work on iDevices (iPhones, iPads, etc)... not because these devices lack functionality, but because the BonaPage Editor uses antiquated methods to determine functionality of the browser being used.

    That being said, let's look at what I've found to be the simplest method to post images within the forum, taking a work-around approach to it's known limitations.

    Essentially, all you need to do to insert an image within a post is to open the image in a second window and then click & drag the image into the editor window where you want it to appear. That's all there is too it.


    As an example, open this link to WOA's "Westsail Propellors" [Propellers] on Google Images. Clicking this link will open the page in a new tab by default, but if you can force it to open it in a new window instead by "right-clicking" the link and selecting "Open in a new window" from the context menu. (If your mouse has only one button, or if you are using a trackpad, you can simulate a "right-click" with a "control-click". You accomplish this by holding down the "control" key as you click.)

    One of the things I've noticed when posting a photo, is that one can resize the photo within the editor on a Windows computer, but not on a Mac. Contrary to what Windows users would like you to think (or probably believe), this has absolutely nothing to do with greater functionality on Windows or Internet Exploder, compared to the Mac. This limitation is, in fact, because the folks who wrote the "BonaPage Editor" gave that functionality to users of the Windows OS, but not to Mac OS. (It's actually much easier to implement these features on a Mac, assuming the developer knows how.)

    Due to limitations in the JavaScript programming of the editor, it's necessary to resize the image to a maximum width of 475 pixels. Otherwise, the image will not fit properly into the post and the some of the text will run outside of the post area and become hidden. (This is due to an invalid stylesheet in the forum software, causing the text to wrap to the width of the image, rather than to the width of the display area.)

    Fortunately, however, there is an easy way to resize the image quickly. From the page you opened with the link to the example image page given above, "right-click" (or "control-click") on the image being displayed. From the resulting context menu, select the option "Open image in new window". (The menu option might be slightly different, depending upon the web browser you use.) When the image opens in a new window, it should be the same size as the one on the previous page, but might not be. If the image is larger than the forum post editor frame then resize the image window until it appears the same size. Then, simply "click & drag" the image from one window to the other.

    One thing you need to understand, however, is that there is a subtle, but important, difference between "clicking" & "dragging" and "clicking & dragging". The difference is at which point you release the mouse (or trackpad) button. To do this properly, you click the image with the mouse button. Then, without releasing the button, drag the image to the window containing the editor and release the button when the cursor is at a point within the editor that you want the image to appear. Presto! It should appear as expected.

    The two images below were inserts of the exact same image from the same window. The only difference is that in the second one I downsized the window, which resulted in a smaller image appearing in the post. It's important to note that you must "click & drag" in one step. (If you click an image in a window that does not permit the image to initially show full-size in a Mac browser, the image will enlarge to full size and the browser window will activate scrollbars to move to allow you to view the outer edges.)


    1. I've noticed that there are occasional situations in which a conventional "drag & drop" process does not work in an original post. When the attempt is made to do this, one receives the message "Are you sure you want to leave this page? Unsaved changes will be lost. Proceed?" As the warning suggests, if you continue, you will indeed lose all of the post text you have created so far! I have looked at the JavaScript code that drives the editor and I have not yet figured out why this happens sometimes and not others. It's probably a moot point, because even if I knew why, it's unlikely that the folks at Wild Apricot would fix it (assuming their programmers could do so). Fortunately, however, I have found a work-around for this as well. If you try to post an image and get this warning, then simply continue to create the text of the post and save it. Then go back and edit the post and plug. While editing an existing post, I'm always able to insert images wherever I want them.
    2. The images in our posts are not actually uploaded to the server along with the associated text. Instead, a link or alias is inserted that pulls the image from its original source and plugs it into the post for viewing. This is all well and good UNLESS the original image is somehow moved, renamed, or deleted. You've no doubt seen this happen many times already, when you read a post that contains a box with a question mark indicating that the image is missing. At some point, the WOA will lose most of the images within the Forum in this manner. So, if you find an image within a post that you might later want to review, you might be wise to save it locally on your computer!
    3. When the decision was made to use Wild Apricot for hosting the WOA, there were many reasons considered. There were probably a few aspects that were not considered. But for the most part, it has probably turned out to be a fairly good solution. I am, however, concerned about the probability of losing the images within posts. As they say "an image is worth a thousand words". The folks at Wild Apricot had promised this would be addressed, but have not followed through. We are not alone in regard to this shortcoming as evidenced by this post and many others.

    I do hope this helps... at least someone!

    Jack Webb

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