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The News Blog is for news of the WOA site and happenings in the community.  Members can add posts and comments.

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  • February 23, 2011 17:08 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Members will receive via email a notice 14 days, 7 days and the day of your renewel date.  Links and information in the email will assist you in using either PayPal or a check mailed to the WOA Treasurer Terry Shoup to pay your dues.

    I can adjust the notification email's notifications to more time as needed.


  • February 22, 2011 17:07 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I've extracted the Rendezvous reports from the Florida West Coast and Southern California 2009 Rendezvous.

  • February 19, 2011 12:32 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I have changed the old forums topics html files to pdf files, removed the blank pages and also remove the links.

    I do have limitations between the original documents in html > pdf > google docs for storage and presentation but I think this is a useable format and theGoogle pdf reader does allow searching if you use the right top button to open up to full screen viewing.

    I belive that all the forum data from the old site is now in the pdf archive and is linked at the top of each new forum.

    Not all of the old forums are available in pdf form as the data is not current nor timely.  I do have a backup of all the forum content.

    Jay Bietz


  • February 15, 2011 20:20 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks to Robert McQueen - the page has been started with a nice list of suppliers.

  • February 10, 2011 17:24 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I have added on the existing web site the links to the new web site and also closed all the forums to read only with the address of our new forum.  I have also downloaded the whole site and backed up on DVD. 

    Lindsey and Matt Pierce are also going to host the W43 page under Westsail Vessel Info  - Thanks for your assistance.

    The WOA account at Wild Apricot is being funded in the next few days so I can assign pages to members who wish to assist with site content.

    You can still go and read the old message board at  I do plan on changing the url to the old site to later this week

    I also will be shifting to this site later this week... I'm hoping to make the changes slowly to minimze confusion.

  • February 07, 2011 18:16 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Look at the link Westsail info > Westsail web and blog links to see members with public sites.. Each member will need to add the links as they wish.

    Member links - when you add a link to your blog or web site et al. do add in the full address ie http://  or ftp://  then the software will active your link.

    When you post on a forum, there are controls at the top of the page that allow you to add url's as links and pictures as well as change layout and formats.

    Also if you can't login, do try an older email address.


  • February 05, 2011 07:24 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    After testing and working with the site for about 2 months, we have decided to make this the WOA web site. 

    I have just uploaded the WOA password from the existing site.  If you were a tester I may have overwritten your password so try the old password.  Of course, you have chosen a different password for the WOA site then you use on your banking site - right?

    I will be busy in the next few weeks finishing up the details of the transfer and loading existing members information as well as past members records into the database and changing the url to the new site.

    If you wish to admin a page or section please let me know as I can assign editing permissions per page to members.

    If you have ideas - don't be shy - send me an email at

    Jay Bietz

  • January 29, 2011 19:54 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    For those of you testing the site -- do look at the forum and start some converstations. 

    If we change sites the forum contents on most of the topics will be saved to html files and posted for searching.  I also hope that someone will assist with gathering repairs by subject for a FAQ kind of presentation out of the message board content. 


    I also need someone to come up with content to represent each model of boat - I have many photos but need the words. 

    I plan on a general test announcement February 1 to the whole membership.


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