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  • January 17, 2012 10:45 | Anonymous
    On the morning radio net here, we learned that Dave Thomas (trust we have the correct name) on a W32, and a motorcyclist, died yesterday in a local hospital of a heart attack.  Sorry we do not know him or have more to share, but more information should be available at or from other Westsailors here in La Paz.
  • January 13, 2012 13:14 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The WOA would like to thank Micheal McDiarmid and former owner Gregory Schroff of Abake W42 #114 for saving and passing on the 1980 to 1985 copies of Windblown.

    The WOA was started in late 1979 largely with the publication of the Windblown by Editor George Bachman, Secretery Eileen Bachman and Assistants to the Editor Doris Dominguez and Abel Dominguez. They continued to edit and publish Windblown until December 1990.

    View the page and links at Windblown

  • January 08, 2012 15:02 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Added this article about theWestsail Corporation history   link at the bottom of the page. 

  • January 08, 2012 12:07 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I've posted the circumnavigators page - please let me know if you have more names to add or other corrections.


  • December 31, 2011 12:45 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I've gathered and posted in the members area the 2011 Windblown with all four issues in one file.  Windblown 

  • December 30, 2011 09:08 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    To support the Westsail Circumnavigators project, I've added to each members record a check list of oceans and seas - the idea is to check off your vessel voyages that you know about.  If I missed something for the list advise.

    I have also issued a call for Rendezvous hosts for 2012 as there are only 4 scheduled at this time. 

    I have added several potential Rendezvous regions to the Westsail Rendezvous tab - hoping someone will be interested in hosting an event.

    Happy New Year


  • December 21, 2011 16:29 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Members' Area  has the links to the last 2011 Windblown - Special thanks to Dick Mills for his work as editor.  Thanks also to the many WOA contributors also.


  • December 10, 2011 04:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I'd like to startup a page or pages on the Westsail Circumnavigators.  It would be great to have the owners name, vessel name and the year/s of the trip/s.


     If someone would like to read through the Windbags and Windblown to find circumnavigators to add to the list, please let me know as we could divide up the publications to spread the labor.


    Here is a list from Bud Taplin to get us started.


    Mike Johnson on W32 #257 Aissa - I have his story started on other pages.

    Bob Tiews on W32 #51 Renaissance

    Robert Packer on W32 #203 Gimli

    Eric Forsyth on W42 #48 Fiona -  and FB - Eric is the 1997 recipient of the SSCA Lifetime achievment award.   


    Bud adds "There is a W32 owner in the Bay Area that made an 18 month circumnavigation and came to a rendezvous the day he got back into the Bay.  I don’t recall his name though.  There is also a W42 owner that came to a Florida rendezvous and showed pictures of their circumnavigation, but I also don’t remember the name."


    Jim and Jeanne Kenaston on W32 #657 Sabbatical 1979 - 1982 30,000 miles.  Sabbatical now owned by Gary Baugh has been renamed to Betelgeuse.  Jeanne has provided many great images of their trip and she has 2 online books at  . 


    Choose add comment below to add additional information.

  • December 03, 2011 17:56 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I've been lax in posting additions and changes to the web site - here is summary of the last few months. 

    Thanks to all those who contributed their images and information during the last few months.

    2011 Chesapeake Rendezvous
    2011 Pacific Northwest Rendezvous
    2011 Florida Rendezvous
    2011 Northern California Rendezvous

    Westsailors featured in articles:
    Mike Johnson - Cruising
    Tom Corogan - Cape Horn

    Westsail 63 concept for Westsail Corp by S&S 

    Kendall 32 - the start of the Westsail family of boats.

    Multi Media of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston finishing his solo circumnavigation was posted on our YouTube site.


  • May 21, 2011 09:40 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I've posted videos of Sir Robin finish of the 1968 Sunday Golden Globe Race single-handed around the world race that he won.

    Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - members only.

    And one of David White in the 1975 Tras-Pac race San Francisco to Okinawa via Isima Island.

    Catapha - on Ishima


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